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Unformatted text preview: noro. free boundary problem: pr blhma me ele jero s noro. free group: ele jerh om da. free index: ele jeroc de kthc. free model: ele jero mont lo. free monoid: ele jero monoeid c. free motion: ele jerh k nhsh. free object: ele jero antike meno. free-object functor: sunartht c ele jerwn antikeim nwn. free occurrence: ele jerh emf nish. free product: ele jero gin meno. free surface: ele jerh epif neia. free torsion: ele jerh str yh. free universe: ele jero s mpan. free variable: ele jerh metablht . free vector: ele jero di nusma. context-free language: gl ssa qwr c sumfraz mena. distribution free: ele jeroc (thc sunarthsiak c morf c thc) katanom element-free method: m jodoc qwr c (peperasm na) stoiqe a. freedom: eleujer a. degrees of freedom: Frenet, bajmo eleujer ac. (-). Frenet equations: exis seic tou Frenet. Frenet-Serret formulas: t poi twn Frenet-Serret. 129 c. frequency: suqn thta. frequency distribution: katanom suqnot twn. frequency polygon: pol gwno suqn thtac. frequency table: p nakac suqn thtac. absolute frequency: ap luth suqn thta. angular frequency: gwniak suqn thta. cell frequency: suqn thta kelio . circular frequency: kuklik suqn thta. cumulative frequency distribution: ajroistik katanom suqnot expected frequency: anamen menh prosdok menh prosdokht fundamental frequency: jemeli dhc basik suqn thta. natural frequency: fusik suqn thta. normal frequency: kanonik suqn thta. relative frequency: sqetik suqn thta. spatial frequency: qwrik suqn thta suqn thta q rou. Fresnel Fresnel integral: olokl rwma tou Fresnel. Fresnel cosine integral: sunhmitonik olokl rwma tou Fresnel. Fresnel sine integral: hmitonik olokl rwma tou Fresnel. Fresnel zone: z nh Fresnel. Fruslani Fruslani's integral: friction: trib . friction coe cient: olokl rwma tou Fruslani. suntelest c trib c. frictional: tribik c. frictionless: triboc. fringe: kross c sumbol c (optik ). t xh krosso sumbol c. fringe order: front: m twpo. front focal length: arister frontal: metwpik c. frontal method: metwpik frustrum: k estiak ap stash. m jodoc. louro stere . frustrum of cone: k louroc k noc. frustrum of pyramid: k lourh puram da. full: pl rhc, gem toc. foul (sto p ker). full house: fully: pl rwc. fully developed ow: pl rwc aneptugm nh ro . 130 twn. jewrhtik suqn thta. fully discrete: function: sun g. pl rwc diakrit c. rthsh, apeik nish (mapping), metasqhmatism c (transformation), leitourg a, leitour- function theory: jewr a sunart sewn. additive function: prosjetik sun rthsh. Airy function: sun rthsh Airy. algebraic function: algebrik sun rthsh. analytic function: analutik sun rthsh. arbitrary function: auja reth sun rthsh, tuqo sa sun rthsh. autocorrelation function: sun rthsh autosusq tishc. automorphic function: aut morfh sun rthsh. basis function: sun rthsh b shc. Bei functions: sunart seic Bei. Ber functions: sunart seic Ber. Bessel functions: sunart seic Bessel. beta function: sun rthsh b ta. bicubic basis functions: dikubik c sunart seic b shc. bilinear basis functions: digrammik c sunart seic b shc. biquadratic basis functions: ditetragwnik c sunart seic b shc. bounded function: fragm nh...
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