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Unformatted text preview: sun rthsh. bubble function: sun rthsh fusall dac. characteristic function: qarakthristik sun rthsh idiosun rthsh (eigenfunction). circular functions: kuklik c trigwnometrik c (trigonometric) gwniometrik c (cyclometric) sunart seic. complementary error function: sumplhrwmatik sun rthsh sf lmatoc. complementary function: sumplhrwmatik sun rthsh. complex function: migadik sun rthsh. complex-valued function: migadik sun rthsh. composite function: s njeth sun rthsh. computable function: upolog simh sun rthsh. conjugate functions: suzuge c sunart seic. constant function: stajer sun rthsh. continuous function: suneq c sun rthsh. cubic basis functions: kubik c sunart seic b shc. cumulative hazard function: ajroistik sun rthsh diakind neushc. cyclometric functions: gwniometrik c trigwnometrik c (trigonometric) t seic. decision function: sun rthsh ap fashc. decreasing function: fj nousa sun rthsh. delta function: sun rthsh d lta. density function: sun rthsh pukn thtac sun rthsh b di erentiable function: paragwg simh sun rthsh. digamma function: sun rthsh dig mma. discontinuous function: asuneq c sun rthsh. discrete function: diakrit sun rthsh. discriminant function: diakr nousa sun rthsh. distribution function: sun rthsh katanom c. domain of a function: ped o orismo sun rthshc. 131 rouc. kuklik c (circular) sunar- elementary functions: stoiqei deic basik c sunart seic. elliptic function: elleiptik sun rthsh. entire function: ak raia sun rthsh. error function: sun rthsh sf lmatoc. even function: rtia sun rthsh. explicit algebraic function: lelum nh algebrik sun rthsh. explicit function: lelum nh sun rthsh sun rthsh se lelum nh morf . exponential function: ekjetik sun rthsh. factorial function: paragontik sun rthsh. failure function: sun rthsh astoq ac. fractional function: klasmatik sun rthsh. gain function: sun rthsh k rdouc. gamma function: sun rthsh g mma. generalized function: genikeum nh sun rthsh. generating function: genn tria sun rthsh. global basis functions: kajolik c sunart seic b shc. Green's function: sun rthsh tou Green. half recti ed function: hmianorjwm nh sun rthsh. half recti ed sine wave function: hmianorjwm nh hmitonoeid c kumatosun rthsh. Hamiltonian function: sun rthsh tou Hamilton, qamiltonian sun rthsh. Hankel function: sun rthsh Hankel. harmonic function: armonik sun rthsh. Heaviside's unit function: monadia a sun rthsh tou Heaviside. holomorphic function: ol morfh sun rthsh. homogeneous function: omogen c sun rthsh. hyperbolic function: uperbolik sun rthsh. hyperelliptic function: uperelleiptik sun rthsh. hypergeometric function: upergewmetrik sun rthsh. indicator function: de ktria sun rthsh. implicit algebraic function: peplegm nh algebrik sun rthsh. implicit function: peplegm nh sun rthsh. implicit function theorem: je rhma peplegm nhc sun rthshc. incomplete gamma function: atel c sun rthsh g mma. increasing function: a xousa sun rthsh. independent functions: anex rthtec sunart seic. inner function: eswterik sun rthsh. integrable fun...
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