Global property kajolik idi thta global solution

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Unformatted text preview: : sqed ash. grating: fr gma, kigkl dwma. gravitation: bar thta. universal law of gravitation: n gravitational: barutik moc thc pagk smiac lxhc. c, thc bar thtac. gravitational acceleration: epit qunsh thc bar thtac. gravitational collapse: barutik kat rreush. gravitational constant: (pagk smia) stajer thc bar thtac. gravitational eld: ped o bar thtac, barutik ped o. gravitational potential: dunamik bar thtac barutik dunamik gravitational wave: barutik k ma. gravity: bar thta. center of gravity: k ntro b speci c gravity: eidik bar rouc. thta. great: meg loc. greater: megal teroc. greatest: m gistoc. greatest common divisor: m gistoc koin c diair thc. greatest limit: m gisto rio. greatest lower bound: m gisto k tw fr gma in mum. Green, George (1793-1841) Green's formula: t poc tou Green. Green's function: sun rthsh tou Green. Green's identity: taut thta tou Green. Green's theorem: je rhma tou Green. grid: pl gma, esq ra. grid generation: paragwg pl gmatoc. grid size: pl toc pl gmatoc. collocated grid: taxijethm no pl gma. conforming grid: summorfik pl gma. equispaced grid: omoi morfo pl gma (sun. uniform grid). moving grid algorithm: alg rijmoc kino menou pl gmatoc. orthogonal grid: orjog nio pl gma. staggered grid: enallass meno pl gma. uniform grid: omoi morfo pl gma. gross: qondrik c, olik c, ak ground: dafoc, b sh. ground clause: groundless: ab jartoc. basik sunj kh. simoc. 143 . group: om da. group cohomology: sunomolog a om dwn. group divisible: diairet c kat om dec. group isomorphism: isomorfism c om dwn. group representation: anapar stash om dac. group theory: jewr a om dwn. group unit: mon da om dac. Abelian group: abelian antimetajetik om da. additive group: prosjetik om da. a ne group: susqetism nh om da. alternating group: enall ssousa om da. commutative group: antimetajetik abelian om da. conformal group: s mmorfh om da. control group: om da el gqou. cyclic group: kuklik om da. defect group: ellip c om da. dihedral group: diedrik om da. nite group: peperasm nh om da. nite abelian group: peperasm nh abelian antimetajetik free group: ele jerh om da. fundamental group: basik om da. general linear group: genik grammik om da. holonomy group: ol nomh om da. homology group: omologiak om da. homotopy group: omotopik om da. isotropic group: is troph om da. Lie group: om da Lie. linear group: grammik om da. metabelian group: metabelian om da. metacyclic group: metakuklik om da. multiplicative group: pollaplasiastik om da. nilpotent group: mhdenod namh om da. normal group: kanonik om da. paracompact group: par kurth om da. permutation group: om da met jeshc. projective group: probolik om da. semisimple group: hmiapl om da. solvable group: epil simh om da. subnormal group: upokanonik om da. symmetric group: summetrik om da. symmetry group: om da summetri n. topological group: topologik om da. unitary group: monadia a om da. growth: a xhsh, an ptuxh. growth factor: suntelest c a xhshc. rate of growth: rujm c a xhshc an ptuxhc. exponential growth: ekjetik a xhsh. linear growth: g...
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