Hierarchical ierarqik c hierarchical classi cation

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Unformatted text preview: res: omojetik sq mata. homothetic ratio: omoiojetik c l goc, l goc omoiojes ac. homothetic transformation: omoiojetik c metasqhmatism c. homothety: omoiojes a. Se merik bibl a omojes a. homotopic: omotopik c, omoiotopik c. homotopy: omotop a, omoiotop a. homotopy group: omotopik honeycomb: kuy lh. honeycomb structure: om da. kuyeloeid c dom . 151 Hooke, Robert (1635-1703) Hooke's law: n moc tou Hooke. hoop: stef nh. Hopf, Heinz ( - ) horizon: or zontac. arti cial horizon: teqnht c or zontac. astronomical horizon: astronomik c or zontac. celestial horizon: our nioc or zontac. mathematical horizon: majhmatik c or zontac. visible horizon: orat c or zontac. horizontal: oriz ntioc. horizontal asymptote: oriz ntia as mptwth. horizontal projection: oriz ntia probol . horocycle: wrok hour: ra. Householder, . kloc. Householder transformation: tary re ector). hull: per blhma, k lufoc, k metasqhmatism c tou Householder stoiqei dhc anaklast c (elemen- lumma. convex hull: kurt per blhma. spherical hull: sfairik per blhma. hundred: ekat . hybrid: ubridik c, mikt c. hybrid element: ubridik stoiqe o. hybrid nite element method: ubridik m jodoc peperasm nwn stoiqe wn. hybrid method: ubridik mikt m jodoc. hydrodynamic: udrodunamik c. hydrodynamic stability: udrodunamik eust jeia. hydrodynamic instability: udrodunamik ast jeia. hydrodynamics: udrodunamik hydrostatic: udrostatik c. hydrostatic pressure: . udrostatik p esh. hydrostatics: udrostatik . hyper-: uper- (pr jema). hyperareal: uperembadik c. hyperbola: uperbol . equilateral hyperbola: is pleurh uperbol . 152 hyperbolic: uperbolik c. hyperbolic coordinates: uperbolik c suntetagm nec. hyperbolic cylinder: uperbolik c k lindroc. hyperbolic equation: uperbolik ex swsh. hyperbolic function: uperbolik sun rthsh. hyperbolic paraboloid: uperbolik paraboloeid c. hyperbolic problem: uperbolik pr blhma. hyperbolic substitution: uperbolik antikat stash. hyperboloid: uperboloeid c. hyperboloid of one sheet: mon qwno uperboloeid c. hyperboloid of two sheets: d qwno uperboloeid c. hypercomplex: upermigadik c. hypercone: uperk noc. hypercube: uperk boc. hypercyclic: uperkuklik c. hypercylinder: uperk lindroc. hyperedge: uperakm . hyperelastic: uperelastik c. hyperelliptic: uperelleiptik c. hyperelliptic function: uperelleiptik sun rthsh. hyperexponential: uperekjetik c. hyperfocal: uperestiak c. hypergeometric: upergewmetrik c. hypergeometric distribution: upergewmetrik katanom . hypergeometric di erential equation: upergewmetrik diaforik ex swsh. hypergeometric equation: upergewmetrik ex swsh. hypergeometric function: upergewmetrik sun rthsh. hypergeometric polynomials: upergewmetrik polu numo. hypergeometric series: upergewmetrik seir . extended hypergeometric distribution: dieurum nh upergewmetrik katanom hyper-graeco-latin: uperellhnolatinik hyper-graeco-latin square: c. uperellhnolatinik tetr gwno. hypergroup: uperom da. hyperharmonic: uperarmonik hyperharmonic series: c. uperarmonik seir . hypermatrix: uperp nakac. hypermetric: u...
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