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Unformatted text preview: ncrease: increasing: a xhsh. ekatostia a a xhsh. xwn. increasing function: a xousa sun rthsh. increasing sequence: a xousa akolouj a. strictly increasing function: gn sia austhr increment: a xhsh, b incremental: auxhtik incremental di a xousa sun rthsh. ma, el qisth metabol . c. erence: auxhtik diafor . increscent: aux nwn. indecomposable: adi hereditarily indecomposable Banach space: spastoc, mh anal simoc. nomik adi spastoc q roc Banach. inde nable: mh or simoc, aprosdi inde nite: a ristoc. ristoc. inde nite integral: a risto olokl rwma. inde nite integration: a risto olokl rwsh. inde nite quadratic form: a risth tetragwnik morf . inde nitely: a rista, ep a risto. inde niteness: aorist a, to a risto. independence: anexarths a. a ne independence: susqetism nh anexarths a. linear independence: grammik anexarths a. statistical independence: statistik anexarths a. independent: anex rthtoc. independent axioms: anex rthta axi mata. independent equations: anex rthtec exis seic. independent events: anex rthta gegon ta endeq mena. independent functions: anex rthtec sunart seic. independent samples: anex rthta de gmata. independent variable: anex rthth metablht . functionally independent: sunarthsiak anex rthtoi. linearly independent: grammik anex rthtoi. time independent: qronik anex rthtoc, st simoc (steady state). indeterminate: aprosdi ristoc. risth morf . indeterminate form: aprosdi index (pl. indexes indices): de kthc, euret index of attraction: de kthc lxhc. rio. 160 klhro- index of evolution: de kthc ex lixhc. index notation: sumbolism c deikt n. index number: arijmode kthc. index of refraction: de kthc diajl sewc. index of response: de kthc ap krishc. abnormality index: de kthc akanonik thtac condition index: de kthc kat stashc. contravariant index: antallo wtoc de kthc. covariant index: sunallo wtoc de kthc. dummy index: boub c de kthc. free index: ele jeroc de kthc. precision index: de kthc akr beiac. price index: de kthc tim n. quantum index: posotik c de kthc. summation index: de kthc ajro sewc. surprise index: de kthc aifnidiasmo . mh kanonik thtac indexed: me de kth de ktec. indication: ndeixh. indicator: de kthc, ende kthc. indicator function: de ktria sun rthsh. indicatrix: de ktria. Dupin's indicatrix: de ktria tou Dupin. indicernible: dusdi kritoc. indices: bl. index. indicial: qarakthristik c, me de ktec, tou Skolem. indicial equation: qarakthristik ex swsh. indicial function sign: s mbolo sun rthshc Skolem. indicial term: roc Skolem. indi erence: isoprot mhsh. indi erence index number: arijmode kthc isoprot mhshc. zone of indi erence: z nh isoprot mhshc. indirect: mmesoc. indirect least squares: mmesa el qista tetr indirect method: mmesh m jodoc. indirect sampling: mmesh deigmatolhy a. gwna. indistinguishable: mh diakrit indistinguishable states: individual: atomik c. individuality: atomik c. mh diakrit c katast seic. thta. coe cient of individuality: suntelest c atomik thtac. 161 anwmal ac. individually: atomik . induced: epag menoc. induced instabilit...
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