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Unformatted text preview: y: epag induction: epagwg menh ast jeia. . induction hypothesis: epagwgik up jesh. induction step: epagwgik b ma. magnetic induction: magnhtik epagwg . mathematical induction: majhmatik epagwg . proof by induction: ap deixh me th m jodo thc epagwg trans nite induction: uperpeperasm nh epagwg . inductive: epagwgik c. inductive behavior: epagwgik c. sumperifor . inductively: epagwgik . industrial: biomhqanik c. industry: biomhqan a. ine ciency: anapotelesmatik thta. ine cient: mh apotelesmatik c, anapotelesmatik ine cient statistic: inelastic: plastik c, mh apodotik c. mh apotelesmatik statistik sun rthsh. c, mh elastik c, anelastik c. kro sh. inelastic collision: plastik inelasticity: plastik thta, anelastik inequality: anis thta. thta. absolute inequality: ap luth anis thta. Bernoulli's inequality: anis thta tou Bernoulli. Bessel's inequality: anis thta tou Bessel. Cauchy's inequality: anis thta tou Cauchy. Cauchy-Schwarz inequality: anis thta twn Cauchy-Schwarz. isoperimetric inequality: isoperimetrik anis thta. multivariate inequality: polumetablht anis thta. strict inequality: gn sia anis thta. triangle inequality: trigwnik anis thta. inequivalence: anisodunam a. a ne inequivalence: susqetism nh anisodunam a. inequivalency: anisodunam a. inequivalent: anisod namoc. a ne inequivalent: susqetism noc anisod namoc. 162 inertia: adr neia. ellipsoid of inertia: elleiyoeid c adr neiac. law of inertia: n moc thc adr neiac. moment of inertia: rop adr neiac. principal axes of inertia: k rioi xonec adr neiac. principal moments of inertia: k riec rop c adr neiac. product of inertia: gin meno adr neiac. inertial: adraneiak c, thc adr neiac. adraneiak s sthma suntetagm nwn. s sthma. roi roi adr neiac. inertial frame of reference: inertial system: adraneiak inertial terms: adraneiako inertialess: qwr c adr neia. inexact: mh akrib c, anakrib inexact method: mh akrib c, esfalm noc. c m jodoc. inexactitude: anakr beia. infer: sumpera nw, sun gw. inference: sump rasma, exagwg sumper smatoc, sumperasmatolog a. adaptive inference: anaprosarmostik sumperasmatolog a. by inference: sumperasmatik , sumperasmatologik , kat sumperasm . ducial inference: pisteutik sumperasmatolog a. rule of inference: sumperasmatologik c kan nac, kan nac paragwg c (sun. rule of deduction). statistical inference: statistik sumperasmatolog a. inferential: sumperasmatik inferior: kat teroc. inferior limit: kat c. tero rio m gisto k tw rio. in mum: in mum, m gisto k essential in mum: ousi in nite: in in in in in in in in in in in in in dec tw fr gma in mum. p rac (greatest peiroc, at rmwn. nite class: peirh kl sh. nite dimension: peirh di stash. nite dimensional: apeirodi statoc, peirhc di stashc. nite divisibility: peirh diairet thta. nite elements: peira (peperasm na) stoiqe a. nite extension: peirh ep ktash. nite jump: peiro p dhma. nite loop: peiroc at rmonac br qoc. nite ordinal: peiroc diataktik c (arijm c). nite population: peiroc plhjusm c. nite product: peiro gin meno apeirogin meno. nite quanti er: peiro...
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