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Unformatted text preview: e: lh. Sun. isoclinic curve. isoklin c kamp lh. Sun. isocline. isodiametric: isodiametrik c. isodynamic: isodunamik c. isodynamic points: isodunamik shme a. isodyne: isodunamik gramm . isogon: is gwno, kanonik pol gwno. isogonal: isog nioc. isogonal a ne transformation: isog nioc susqetism noc metasqhmatism isogonal conjugate lines: isog niec suzuge c gramm c. isogonal lines: isog niec gramm c. isogonal mapping: isog nia apeik nish. isogonal transformation: isog nioc metasqhmatism c. isogonic: isog nioc. Sun. tou isogonal. isokurtosis: isok rtwsh. isolate: apomon nw. isolated: apomonwm noc, memonwm noc. c. isolated set: apomonwm no s nolo. isolated singularity: apomonwm no an malo shme o, apomonwm nh anwmal a. isolated system: apomonwm no s sthma. isomeric: isomer c. isometric: isometrik c. isometric chart: isometrik c q rthc. isometric correspondence: isometrik antistoiq a. isometric embedding: isometrik emf teush. isometric family: isometrik oikog neia. isometric isomorphism: isometrik c isomorfism c. isometric mapping: isometrik apeik nish. isometric surface: isometrik epif neia. isometric system: isometrik s sthma. isometric view: isometrik yh. isometry: isometr a. isomorphic: is morfoc, isomorfik c. isomorphic spaces: is morfoi q roi. algebraically isomorphic spaces: algebrik recursively isomorphic sets: anadromik is is morfoi q roi. morfa s nola. isomorphism: isomorfism isomorphism order: c. t xh isomorfismo . 175 algebraic isomorphism: algebrik c isomorfism c. group isomorphism: isomorfism c om dwn. isometric isomorphism: isometrik c isomorfism c. natural isomorphism: fusik c isomorfism c. projective isomorphism: probolik c isomorfism c. recursive isomorphism: anadromik c isomorfism c. ring isomorphism: isomorfism c daktul wn. isoparametric: isoparametrik c. isoparametric mesh: isoparametrik pl gma. isoparametric transformation: isoparametrik isoperimetric(-al): isoperimetrik apeik nish. c. isoperimetric inequality: isoperimetrik anis thta. isoperimetric problem: isoperimetrik pr blhma. isosceles: isoskel c. isosceles trapezium: isoskel c trap zio (British). isosceles trapezoid: isoskel c trapezoeid c (USA). isosceles triangle: isoskel c tr gwno. isospectral: isofasmatik isospectral ow: c. isofasmatik ro . isostatic: isostatik c. isostatically: isostatik . isotherm: is jermh isojermokrasiak (gramm isothermal: is jermoc, isojermokrasiak c. isothermal ow: is jermh ro . isothermal line: is jermh kamp isothermic: isojermik c. isotimic: isostajmik c, isotimik isotone: is tonoc. isotonic: isotonik c, is tonoc. isotonic regression function: kamp lh). lh. c, iso y c, isobar c. isotonik sun rthsh palindr mhshc. isotope: is topo. isotropic: is tropoc, isotropik c. isotropic curve: is troph kamp lh. isotropic distribution: is troph katanom isotropic eld: is tropo ped o. isotropic group: is troph om da. isotropic matter: is troph lh. isotropic plane: is tropo ep pedo. isotropic tensor: is tropoc tanust c. . 176 transversely isotropic: egk isotropically: is tropa. isotropically develo...
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