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Irrotational ow astr bilh ro isentropic isentropik

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Unformatted text preview: pable: rsia is tropoc. is tropa anapt ximoc. isotropy: isotrop a. isotype: is tupoc, isotupik isotype method: c. is tuph m jodoc. issue: j ma, te qoc. iterated: epanalamban menoc, pollapl c. iterated collocation: epanalamban menh taxijes a taxin mhsh. iterated function: epanalamban menh sun rthsh. iterated integral: pollapl olokl rwma. iterated logarithm: epanalamban menoc log rijmoc. law of iterated logarithm: n moc tou epanalamban menou logar jmou. iterated product: epanalamban meno gin meno. iterated sum: epanalamban meno jroisma. iterated tensor product: pollapl tanustik gin meno. iteration: epan lhyh. telest c epan lhyhc. iteration operator: iterative: epanalhptik c. iterative factorization: epanalhptik paragontopo hsh. iterative interpolation: epanalhptik parembol . iterative mesh re nement: epanalhptik p knwsh pl gmatoc. iterative method: epanalhptik m jodoc. iterative solver: epanalhptik c epilut c. J Jacobi, Karl (1804-1851) Jacobi's elliptic functions: elleiptik c sunart seic tou Jacobi. Jacobi's method: m jodoc tou Jacobi. Jacobi OR: uperqal rwsh (overrelaxation) tou Jacobi. Jacobi's theorem: je rhma tou Jacobi. Jacobian: Iakwbian c, Iakwbian . Jacobian determinant: Iakwbian or zousa. 177 Jacobian elliptic functions: Jacobian matrix: Iakwbian jet: p dakac. join: en nw, sund w. joint: ap koino , koin elleiptik c sunart seic tou c p nakac. Jacobi. c, mikt c, s ndesh, arm c, rjrwsh. joint density: ap koino pukn thta. joint density function: sun rthsh ap koino pukn thtac. joint distribution: ap koino katanom . joint distribution function: sun rthsh ap koino katanom c. joint moment: mikt rop . joint prediction intervals: ap koino diast mata pr bleyhc, ap joint probability: mikt pijan thta. joint probability function: sun rthsh mikt c pijan thtac. joint probability table: p nakac mikt c pijan thtac. joint regression: mikt palindr mhsh. joint su ciency: ap koino ep rkeia. koino probleptik diast mata. Jordan, Camille (1838-1922) Jordan arc: t xo tou Jordan. Jordan block: mplok upop nakac Jordan. Jordan's canonical form: kanonik morf tou Jordan. Jordan chain: alus da Jordan. Jordan's content: perieq meno Jordan. Jordan's curve: kamp lh tou Jordan. Jordan, Wilhelm (1842-1899) Gauss-Jordan reduction: J-shaped: morf c J. J-shaped distribution: anagwg apaloif (elimination) katanom morf c J. judgement, judgment: kr sh. junction: s ndesh. jump: p dhma, metap dhsh, lma. jump discontinuity: asun qeia phd matoc jump size: m gejoc pl toc phd matoc. nite jump: peperasm no p dhma. in nite jump: peiro p dhma. lmatoc. 178 Gauss-Jordan. K kappa: k ppa. kappa curve: kamp lh k ppa. Kei functions: sunart seic Kei. Kepler-Poinsot polyhedra: pol edra twn Kepler kai Poinsot (bl. polyhedron). Kepler's laws: n moi tou Kepler. Ker functions: sunart seic Ker. kernel: pur nac, mhden qwroc mhdenik c q roc (null space). di erence kernel: pur nac diafor n, exiswt heat kernel: pur nac jerm thtac. Peano kernel: pur nac Peano. Riemann kernel: pur nac Riemann. kilogram: qili grammo, kil kind: e d...
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