Isotropic distribution is troph katanom joint

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Unformatted text preview: ons: d dumec katanom c. uniform distribution: omoi morfh katanom . zeta distribution: katanom z ta. distributive: epimeristik c. distributive law: epimeristik idi thta. general distributive law: genik epimeristik distributivity: epimeristik disturb: diatar ssw. disturbance: diataraq . diverge: apokl nw. diverged: apokl nac. idi thta. thta. diverged algorithm: apokl nac alg rijmoc. diverged solution: apokl nasa l sh. divergence: ap klish. je rhma ap klishc (je rhma tou divergence theorem: divergent: apokl nwn. divergent algorithm: apokl nwn alg rijmoc. divergent integral: apokl non olokl rwma. divergent sequence: apokl nousa akolouj a. 92 Gauss twn Gauss-Ostrogradsky). divergent series: apokl nousa seir . diverging: apokl nwn. diverging sequence: apokl nousa akolouj a. diverging series: apokl nousa seir . divide: diair , diaqwr zw. divided: diairem noc. divided di erences: diairem nec diafor c. divident: diair thc. dividing: diair n, diaqwr zwn. dividing value: diaqwristik divisibility: diairet in nite divisibility: divisible: diairet tim . thta. peirh diairet thta. c. group divisible: diairet c kat om dec. division: dia resh. division algorithm: alg rijmoc diair sewc. division transformation: metasqhmatism c dia reshc. exact division: t leia dia resh. synthetic division: sunjetik dia resh. divisor: diair thc. common divisor: koin c diair thc. greatest common divisor: m gistoc koin c diair thc. improper divisor: mhdenodiair thc. lowest common divisor: el qistoc koin c diair thc. dodecagon: dwdek gwno. dodecahedral: dwdek edroc, dwdekaedrik c. dodecahedron (pl. dodecahedrons or dodecahedra): dwdek edro. great dodecahedron: meg lo dwdek edro. great stellated dodecahedron: meg lo astr morfo dwdek edro meg lo dwdekaedrik stro. regular dodecahedron: kanonik omal dwdek edro. small stellated dodecahedron: mikr astr morfo dwdek edro mikr dwdekaedrik stro. truncated dodecahedron: apokomm no k louro dwdek edro. 'Ena ek twn 13 arqim deiwn polu drwn (oi drec tou e nai kanonik tr gwna kai dek gwna). snub dodecahedron: kolob dwdek edro. 'Ena ek twn 13 arqim deiwn polu drwn (oi drec tou e nai kanonik tr gwna kai pent gwna). dodecimal: dwdekadik c. domain: ped o orismo , s domain of attraction: nolo afethr ac, qwr o, ped o, t poc, perioq . qwr o lxhc. 93 domain decomposition: diamerism c diaqwrism c qwr ou. domain of de nition: ped o orismo . domain of dependence: ped o ex rthshc. domain of determinacy: ped o orismo . Sun jwc gr fetai apl domain. domain of a function: ped o orismo sun rthshc. domain of quanti cation: basik s nolo basik c q roc (sun. universe of discourse). domain of study: perioq mel thc. integral domain: ak raia perioq . Lipschitz domain: qwr o Lipschitz. unbounded domain: mh fragm no qwr o. dominance: uperoq , kuriarq a. nia uperoq . diagonal dominance: diag dominant: uper qwn, desp diagonally dominant: diag zwn, up rteroc, kur arqoc. nia uper qwn up rteroc. dominate: kuriarq , desp zw, uperisq w, uper qw. dominating: kur arqoc, desp zwn, uperisq wn, uper qwn. dominating term...
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