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Unformatted text preview: c p nakac. trace of a matrix: qnoc (tetragwniko ) p naka. transition matrix: p nakac met bashc p nakac allag c b shc (change of basis matrix). transpose matrix: an strofoc p nakac. transposed matrix: anestramm noc p nakac. triangular matrix: trigwnik c p nakac. tridiagonal matrix: tridiag nioc p nakac. two-band matrix: dizwnik c p nakac. unimodular matrix: p nakac me or zousa mon da. unit matrix: monadia oc tautotik c p nakac. unitarily similar matrices: orjomonadia a moioi p nakec (sun. congruent matrices). unitary matrix: orjomonadia oc p nakac, orjokanonik c p nakac. upper-triangular matrix: nw trigwnik c p nakac. zero matrix: mhdenik c p nakac. matrix-valued: me ped o tim n q ro pin kwn. rthsh. matrix-valued function: pinakosun matroid: pinakoeid c, mhtroeid c. matter: lh. isotropic matter: is troph lh. maxima: m gista, bl. maximum. maximal: megistotik c, megistik c, m gistoc. maximal element: m gisto stoiqe o. maximal ideal: megistotik ide dec. maximal set: megistotik s nolo. 198 pou R maximization: megistopo hsh. maximization problem: pr blhma megistopo hshc. maximize: megistopoi . maximizer: megistopoiht c. maximizing: megistopoi n. maximizing function: megistopoio sa sun rthsh. maximum (pl. maxima): m gistoc, m gisto, m gisth tim . maximum error: m gisto sf lma. maximum likelihood: m gisth pijanof neia. maximum likelihood estimator: ektim tria m gisthc pijanof neiac. maximum likelihood function: sun rthsh m gisthc pijanof neiac. maximum likelihood principle: arq m gisthc pijanof neiac. maximum modulus: m gisto m tro. maximum modulus theorem: je rhma tou meg stou m trou. maximum possible error: m gisto dunat sf lma. maximum probability: m gisth pijan thta. absolute maximum: ap luto m gisto. relative maximum: sqetik m gisto. maxterm: megist Maxwell, (-). roc. Maxwell's equations: exis seic tou mean: m soc, m sh tim Maxwell. , enno . mean curvature: m sh kampul thta. mean deviation: m sh ap luth ap klish. mean error: m so sf lma. mean of a function: m sh tim sun rthsewc. mean square: tetragwnik c m soc. mean square consistency: m sh tetragwnik sun peia. mean square consistent: sunep c wc proc ton tetragwnik m so. mean square error: m so tetragwnik sf lma. mean value: m sh tim . mean value theorem: je rhma m shc tim c. arithmetic mean: arijmhtik c m soc ( roc). Bonnet's mean value theorem: je rhma m shc tim c tou Bonnet. convergence in the mean: m sh s gklish. geometric mean: gewmetrik c m soc ( roc). grand mean: genik m sh tim . harmonic mean: armonik c m soc ( roc). integral mean value theorem: je rhma m shc tim c gia oloklhr mata. limit in the mean: rio se m sh s gklish. quadratic mean: tetragwnik c m soc. root-mean-square error: m so tetragwnik sf lma. sample mean: m sh tim de gmatoc deigmatik m sh tim . true mean: alhj c m soc. 199 means: m so, m sa. measurable: metr simoc. measurable function: metr simh sun rthsh. measurable set: metr simo s nolo. measurable space: metr simoc q roc. measure: m tro, metr . measure of central tendency: m tro...
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