Mean value theorem je rhma m shc tim c minimax

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Unformatted text preview: : je rhma qnouc. track: qnoc. actual track: pragmatik rthsh tou Euler. ) p naka. qnoc. traction: lxh, efelkusm c. tractrix: lkousa (kamp lh). tra c: kuklofor a, k nhsh. tra c intensity: ntash kuklofor ac. data tra c: kuklofor a dedom nwn. trajectory: troqi . orthogonal trajectories: orjog niec troqi c. trans-: uper-, meta- (pr jema). transcend: uperba nw. transcendence: up rbash, uperbatik transcendence basis: uperbatik thta. b sh. transcendency: up rbash, uperbatik thta. Sun. transcendence. transcendental: uperbatik c, mh algebrik c. transcendental closure: uperbatik j kh kleist thta. transcendental equation: uperbatik ex swsh. transcendental function: uperbatik (mh algebrik ) sun rthsh. transcendental number: uperbatik c (mh algebrik c) arijm c. transducer: metasqhmatist nite-state transducer: transfer: 1. metafor c. metasqhmatist c peperasm nwn katast sewn. . 2. metaf rw. transfer function: sun rthsh metafor c. heat transfer: met dosh metafor jerm thtac. transference: metafor . Sun. transfer: trans nite: uperpeperasm noc. trans nite induction: uperpeperasm nh epagwg . trans nite number: uperpeperasm noc arijm c. trans nite recursion: uperpeperasm nh anadrom . 353 transform: 1. metasqhmat zw. 2. metasqhmatism nh, metasqhmatism noc. 3. metasqhmatism cosine transform: sunhmitonoeid c metasqhmatism nh (Fourier). Fourier transform: metasqhmatism nh Fourier. inverse Fourier transform: ant strofh metasqhmatism nh Fourier. inverse Laplace transform: ant strofh metasqhmatism nh Laplace. inverse transform: ant strofh metasqhmatism nh. Laplace transform: metasqhmatism nh Laplace. sine transform: hmitonoeid c metasqhmatism nh (Fourier). transformation: metasqhmatism c. c, apeik nish (mapping), sun rthsh (function). adjoint transformation: suzug c prosarthm nh apeik nish metasqhmatism c. a ne transformation: susqetism noc metasqhmatism c. bilinear transformation: digrammik c metasqhmatism c. canonical transformation: kanonik c metasqhmatism c. conformal transformation: s mmorfoc metasqhmatism c. congruence transformation: metasqhmatism c omoi thtac. covering transformation: metasqhmatism c k luyhc (sun. deck transformation). deck transformation: metasqhmatism c k luyhc (sun. covering transformation). division transformation: metasqhmatism c dia reshc. elementary transformation: stoiqei dhc pr xh (operation) metasqhmatism c. equiangular transformation: isog nioc metasqhmatism c. explicit transformation: analut c mesoc metasqhmatism c. Fourier transformation: metasqhmatism c Fourier. homogeneous transformation: omogen c metasqhmatism c. homothetic transformation: omoiojetik c metasqhmatism c. Householder transformation: metasqhmatism c tou Householder stoiqei dhc anaklast c (elementary re ector). identity transformation: tautotik c metasqhmatism c. in nitesimal transformation: apeirost c metasqhmatism c. inverse Fourier transformation: ant strofoc metasqhmatism c Fourier. inverse Laplace transformation: ant strofoc metasqhmatism c Laplace. inverse transformation: an...
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