Meno tautotik c par gontac pq p nakac tanust c c

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Unformatted text preview: : spouda oc, shmantik c, axioshme wtoc. impose: epib llw, efarm zw. imposing: epibol , efarmog . 157 impossibility: to ad nato. impossible: ad natoc. impossible event: ad nato gegon c imprecision: anakr beia. impredicative: mh kathgorhmatik endeq meno. c. impredicative axiom of class formation: mh kathgorhmatik improper: mh gn kai kl smata). ax wma kataskeu c kl sewn. sioc (gia upos nola), mh kanonik c, genikeum noc kataqrhstik c (gia oloklhr mata improper divisor: mhdenodiair thc. improper fraction: mh gn sio kataqrhstik kl sma. improper integral: genikeum no kataqrhstik olokl rwma. improperly: akat llhla, antikanonik . improperly posed problem: antikanonik orism no pr blhma. improve: belti nw. improved: beltiwm noc. improved estimate: beltiwm nh ekt mhsh. improved method: beltiwm nh m jodoc. improvement: belt wsh. impulse: sh, jhsh. angular impulse: gwniak random impulse: tuqa a sh. jhsh. impulsive: wstik impulsive force: c. wstik d namh. inaccuracy: anakr beia. inactivation: anenergopo hsh. inactive: anenerg c. incenter: gkentro, k ntro eggegramm nou k incidence: pr sptwsh. incidence matrix: p nakac pr klou. sptwshc. incident: prosp ptwn. incidental: sumptwmatik c. incircle: eggegramm noc k kloc (sun. inscribed circle). inclination: kl sh. incline: kl nw. inclined: keklim noc. inclined line: keklim nh gramm . 158 inclined plane: keklim no ep pedo. include: egkle w, perilamb nw. inclusion: egkleism c, gkleish, periektik inclusion map: apeik nish egkleismo . inclusion principle: arq egkleismo . inclusion symbols: s mbola egkleismo inclusion theorem: je rhma egkleismo inclusive: egkleistik inclusive disjunction: thta. . . c. egkleistik di zeuxh. incoherence: mh sumbibast thta, mh sunektik thta, mh sun feia, to as ndeto, asumfwn a (optik incoherent: mh sumbibast c, mh sunektik c, as ndetoc, as mfwnoc (optik ). income: eis dhma. incoming: eiserq menoc. incommensurable: as mmetroc. incommensurable numbers: as mmetroi arijmo . incomparable: mh sugkr simoc, as gkritoc. incompatibility: asumbibast thta, asumbat thta. incompatible: asumb bastoc, as mbatoc. incomplete: mh pl rhc, ellip c, atel c, merik c. incomplete beta function: atel c sun rthsh b ta. incomplete beta tables: atele c ellipe c b ta p nakec. incomplete census: merik apograf . incomplete gamma function: atel c sun rthsh g mma. incomplete space: mh pl rhc q roc. incompletely: atel c, mh pl rwc. incompleteness: mh plhr thta, at leia. incompressible: asump estoc. incompressible ow: asump esth ro . incompressible uid: asump esto reust . incongruent: an moioc, anis timoc. incongruity: anomoi thta, anisotim a. incongruous: topoc, as mfwnoc. inconsequence: asun peia. inconsequent: asunep c. inconsequential: anak loujoc, as mantoc, logoc. inconsistency: asumb basto, asun peia, asumbas a, anakolouj a, atop a. inconsistent: asumb bastoc, as mbatoc, anak loujoc, mh sumbibast c, asunep inconsistent method: asumb basth mh sumbibast m jodoc. 159 c. ). inconsistent system: asumb basto mh sumbibast ad nato s sthma. increase: aux nw, a percent i...
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