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Multi phase sampling polufasik deigmatolhy a multi

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Unformatted text preview: vation: k jeth cross sectional area: embad sectionally: tmhmatik , kat tm mata. tmhmatik sectionally continuous (function): sector: tom ac. spherical sector: kat tm mata suneq c (sun rthsh). sfairik c tom ac. sectorial: . sectorial operator: secular: qarakthristik c, ai nioc, dihnek c, kosmik c. secular determinant: qarakthristik or zousa. secular equation: qarakthristik ex swsh. secular term: qarakthristik c roc. secular trend: dihnek c t sh. segment: tm ma. segment of a circle: tm ma k klou. segment of a curve: tm ma kamp lhc. line segment: euj grammo tm ma. major segment: me zon tm ma. minor segment: el sson tm ma. spherical segment: sfairik tm ma. segregate: diaqwr zw, omadopoi . segregation: diaqwrism c, omadopo hsh. seismic: seismik c. seismic response: seismik ap krish. seismology: seismolog a. 299 seldom: sp nia (ep rrhma). select: epil gw, ekl gw. selected: epilegm noc. selected topics: epilegm na j mata. selection: epilog , eklog . random selection: tuqa a epilog . self-: auto- (pr jema). self-adjoint: autoprosarthm noc, autosuzug self-adjoint operator: autoprosarthm noc c ak ma du k c. autosuzug c telest c. self-adjointness: autosuzug c. self-avoiding: autoapofe gwn. self-avoiding random walk: tuqa oc per patoc autoapofug self-conjugate: autosuzug self-conjugate latin square: c. c. autosuzug c latinik tetr gwno. self-consistency: autosumbibast thta. self-consistent: autosumbibast c. self-contradictory: autoantifatik c. self-convolution: autosun lixh, autod plwsh. self-correlation: autosusq tish. self-correlation coe cient: suntelest c autosusq tishc. self-corresponding: autoant st oiqoc. self-dual: autodu k c. self-duality: autodu sm c, autodu k thta. self-embedding: kuklik oriz menoc. self-embedding grammar: kuklik oriz menh grammatik . self-intersecting: autotemnom noc. self-invariant: autoanallo wtoc. self-polar: autopolik c. self-renewing: autoananeo menoc. self-similar: auto moioc. self-similar solution: l sh omoi thtac (sun. self-similarity: autoomoi thta. self-sustained: autosunthro menoc. self-sustained oscillations: self-tangency: autoepaf mmonec similarity solution). autosunthro menec talant seic. . 300 self-weighting: autostajmiz menoc, autostajmism noc. semantic: shmasiologik c. semantics: shmasiolog a. semi-: hmi-. semianalytical: hmianalutik c. self-weighting sample: autostajmism no de gma. semianalytical method: hmianalutik m jodoc. semi-axis: hmi xonac. semicircle: hmik klio. semicircumference: hmiperif reia. semicomplete: hmipl rhc. semicomplete vector eld: hmipl rec dianusmatik ped o. semicompleteness: hmiplhr thta. semiconductor: hmiagwg c. semiconductivity: hmiagwgim thta. semicontinuous: hmisuneq c. semicontinuous function: hmisuneq c sun rthsh. semiconvergent: hmisugkl nwn. semiconvergent series: hmisugkl nousa seir . semicubical: hmikubik c. semicubical parabola: hmikubik parabol . semi-de nite: hmiorism noc. semi-de nite programming: hmiorism noc programmatism c. semi-de nite quadratic form: hmiorism nh tetragwnik morf positive semide nite: jetik hmiorism noc. negative semide nite: arnhtik hmiorism noc. semide nitene...
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