Multiple angle pollapl gwn a multiple angle formula t

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Unformatted text preview: : t poc dipl c gwn ac. eccentric angle: kkentrh gwn a. explementary angle: paraplhrwmatik gwn a. exterior angle: exwterik gwn a. half angle: mis gwn a. half angle formula: t poc mis c gwn ac. inscribed angle: eggegramm nh gwn a. interior angle: eswterik gwn a. multiple angle: pollapl gwn a. multiple angle formula: t poc pollapl c gwn ac. negative angle: arnhtik gwn a. obtuse angle: amble a gwn a. opposite angles: kat koruf gwn ec. phase angle: fasik gwn a, gwn a f shc. plane angle: ep pedh gwn a. polar angle: polik gwn a. positive angle: jetik gwn a. right angle: orj gwn a. round angle: gwn a 360o , pl rhc gwn a. Sun. perigon solid angle: stere gwn a. spherical angle: sfairik gwn a. straight angle: orj gwn a. trisecting the angle: triqot mhsh gwn ac. wide angle: eure a gwn a. angular: gwniak c. angular acceleration: gwniak epit qunsh. angular deviation: gwniak ektrop (optik angular distance: gwniak ap stash. angular distribution: gwniak katanom . angular frequency: gwniak suqn thta. angular impulse: gwniak sh. angular momentum: stroform . angular region: dakt lioc. ). 14 angular speed: gwniak taq thta. angular velocity: gwniak taq thta. angular width: gwniak noigma. angularity: gwniak thta, gwni anharmonicic: anarmonik c. dec. anharmonic motion: anarmonik k nhsh. anharmonic oscillator: anarmonik c talantwt anhysteretic: anusterhtik c, mh usterhtik anisotropic: anis tropoc, anisotropik c. anisotropic eld: anis tropo ped o. anisotropic mesh re nement: anis troph p c. c. knwsh pl gmatoc. annihilate: ekmhden zw. annihilation: ekmhdenism c, ekmhd nish. annihilator: ekmhdenist c. annual: et sioc. annuity: et sio ep doma. annular: daktulioeid c. annuli: bl. annulus. annulus (pl. annuli): dakt lioc. annum: toc (lat.). per annum: an toc. anomalistic: anwmaliak c. anomalous: an maloc. anomaly: anwmal a. ansatz: dokimastik sun rthsh, dokimastik antapex: antik rufoc. antecedence: (to) hgo meno, pro ghsh. antecedent: hgo menoc. anti-: anti-. anticlastic: antiklastik c. anticlastic surface: l sh, arqik up jesh, paradoq (germ.). antiklastik epif neia. anticommutative: anti-antimetajetik c. anticommutative algebra: anti-antimetajetik antiderivative: a risto olokl antilinear: antigrammik c. lgebra. rwma, par gousa, antipar gwgoc. antilinear mapping: antigrammik hmigrammik (semilinear) apeik nish. 15 antilog: antilog rijmoc (suntomograf a tou antilogarithm). antilogarithm: antilog rijmoc. antiperiodic: antiperiodik c. antipode: ant podac. antire ection: antian klash. antire ection coating: antianaklastik antisymmetric(-al): antisummetrik ep strwsh. c. antisymmetric tensor: antisummetrik c tanust c, sun. skew-symmetric tensor. antisymmetric property: antisummetrik idi thta. antisymmetric relation: antisummetrik sq sh. antisymmetrical: antisummetrik antisymmetrical tensor: c (bl. antisymmetric). antisummetrik c tanust c. antithesis: ant jesh. time antithesis: qronik ant jesh. antiunitary: antimonadia oc, antiorjomonadia oc. aperiodic: mh periodik c. aperiodic state: mh periodik kat stash. aperture: noigma (optik ap...
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