Multiple equilibrium states pollapl c katast seic

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Unformatted text preview: eld: kontin ped o. near- eld di raction: per jlash kontino nearest: plhsi steroc. nearest neighbor: plhsi ped ou. steroc ge tonac. necessary: anagka oc, apara thtoc. necessary condition: anagka a sunj kh. necessary and su cient condition: anagka a kai ikan necessity: (to) anagka o. necessity and su ciency: anagka o kai ikan needle: bel na. negation: rnhsh. negation sign: s mbolo double negation: dipl negative: arnhtik . rnhshc. rnhsh. c, ant jetoc. negative angle: arnhtik gwn a. negative charge: arnhtik fort o. 215 sunj kh. negative correlation: arnhtik susq tish. negative de nite: arnhtik orism noc. negative de niteness: to arnhtik orism no. negative de nite matrix: arnhtik orism noc p nakac. negative direction: arnhtik kate junsh. negative exponent: arnhtik c ekj thc. negative number: arnhtik c arijm c. negative of a matrix: ant jetoc p nakac. negative orientation: arnhtik c prosanatolism c. negative part: arnhtik m roc. negative power: arnhtik d namh. negative semide nite: arnhtik hmiorism noc. negative semide niteness: to arnhtik hmiorism no. negative sense: arnhtik for . negative sign: arnhtik pr shmo. strictly negative number: gn sia austhr arnhtik c arijm negation: rnhsh. double negation: dipl c. rnhsh. negativeness: arnhtik thta. negativity: arnhtik thta. neglect: amel . negligible: amelht oc. neighbor: ge tonac, geitonik c. nearest neighbor: plhsi neighborhood: geitoni steroc ge tonac. , perioq . closed neighborhood: kleist perioq . deleted neighborhood: periorism nh perioq . delta neighborhood: d-perioq . open neighborhood: anoikt perioq . rectangular neighborhood: orjog nia perioq . nested: egkibwtism noc, egklwbism noc, diktuwm noc, fwliasm noc. nested intervals: egkibwtism na diast nested loop: fwliasm noc br qoc. nested triangles: diktuwm na tr gwna. net: d ktuo, kajar network: d ktuo. mata. c, ekkajarism noc. data communication networks: d ktua epikoinwn ac dedom nwn. neural network: neurwnik d ktuo. Neumann, Gott red (1832-1925). Neumann condition: sunj kh Neumann. Neumann's function: sun rthsh tou Neumann. 216 Neumann's problem: pr neural: neurwnik blhma tou Neumann. c. neural computation: neurwnik c upologism neural model: neurwnik mont lo. neural network: neurwnik d ktuo. c. neuronal: neurwnik neuronal system: c. neurwnik s sthma. neutral: oud teroc, adi neutral stability: oud foroc. terh adi forh eust jeia. Neville's algorithm: alg rijmoc tou Neville. Newton, Isaac (1642-1727). Newton-Cotes integration formulas: t poi olokl rwshc Newton-Cotes. Newton-Cotes methods: m jodoi Newton-Cotes. Newton's identity: taut thta tou Newton. Newton's inequality: anis thta tou Newton. Newton's laws: n moi tou Newton. Newton-Raphson method: m jodoc Newton-Raphson. Newton's method: m jodoc tou Newton. Newton's potential: dunamik tou Newton. Newtonian: neut neioc, neutwnik c. Newtonian ow: neut neia ro . Newtonian uid: neut neio reust . Newtonian mechanics: neut neia mhqanik . generalized Newtonian uid: genikeum no neut nilpotent: mhdenod neio reust . namoc. nilp...
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