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Unformatted text preview: otent group: mhdenod namh om da. nilpotent matrix: mhdenod namoc p nakac. nilpotent ring: mhdenod namoc dakt lioc. nodal: kombik c. nodal point: kombik shme o. nodal unknown: kombik c gnwstoc. nodal variable: kombik metablht . node: k mboc, desm c. jewr a k mbwn. node theory: noded: me k mbouc. six-noded element: stoiqe o me xi k mbouc. Noether, Emmy: (1882-1935). 217 noise: j ruboc. leuk c j ruboc. white noise: nominal: onomastik c. nominal data: onomastik dedom na. nominally: onomastik . nomogram: nom gramma. non-: mh (pr jema). nona-: enn a- (pr jema, sun. ennea-). nonagon: enne gwno. non-analytic: mh analutik c. non-analytic function: mh analutik sun rthsh. non-autonomous: mh aut non-autonomous system: nomoc. mh aut nomo s sthma. non-axisymmetric: mh axonosummetrik c, o mh nonblank: mh ken c. nonblank symbol: mh ken non-central: mh kentrik c. non-central distribution: mh kentrik non-centrality: mh kentrik qwn kulindrik summetr a. s mbolo. katanom . thta, ekkentr thta. non-centrality matrix: p nakac ekkentr thtac. non-centrality parameter: par metroc ekkentr thtac. non-circular: mh kuklik non-circular statistic: c. mh kuklik statistik sun rthsh. noncommutative: mh antimetajetik c. noncommutative algebra: mh antimetajetik lgebra. noncommutative matrices: mh antimetajetiko mh antimetaj simoi p nakec. noncommutativity: mh antimetajetik thta. non-commuting: mh antimetajetik c, mh antimetaj simoc. non-commuting matrices: mh antimetajetiko mh antimetaj simoi p nakec. non-commuting polynomials: mh antimetajetik mh antimetaj sima polu numa. non-compact: mh sumpag c, asumpag c. mh sumpag c epif neia non-compact Riemann surface: Riemann. non-compactness: asump geia, to asumpag c, mh sump non-complete: mh pl rhc. 218 geia. non-completeness: mh plhr thta. rhma mh plhr thtac. non-completeness theorem: je nonconforming: mh summorfik nonconforming nite elements: non-convex: mh kurt c. mh summorfik peperasm na stoiqe a. c, ko loc. non-convex polygon: mh kurt pol gwno (sun. concave polygon). non-convex polyhedron: mh kurt pol edro (sun. concave polyhedron). non-cylindrical: mh kulindrik c. non-cylindrical domain: mh kulindrik qwr o. non-decreasing: mh fj nwn. non-decreasing function: mh fj nousa sun rthsh. non-decreasing sequence: mh fj nousa akolouj a. non-defective: mh ellip c. non-defective matrix: mh ellip c p nakac. non-degeneracy: mh ekfulism c, to mh ekfulism no. nondegenerate: mh ekfulism noc. nondegenerate conic: mh ekfulism nh kwnik . nondegenerate system: mh ekfulism no s sthma. nondense: mh pukn nondense set: c. mh pukn s nolo. non-determination: mh prosdiorism non-determination coe cient: c. suntelest c mh prosdiorismo . nondeterminism: mh nteterminism c. nondeterministic: mh nteterministik c, mh prosdioristik nondeterministic time: mh nteterministik c qr noc. nondimensionalization: adiastatopo hsh. nondimensionalize: adiastatopoi . nonemptiness: mh ken thta. nonempty: mh ken c. nonempty set: mh ken s nolo. nonequilibrium: mh isorrop a, ekt non-Euclidean: mh eukle deioc. c isorrop ac. non-Euclidean norm:...
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