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Nite ordinal peiroc diataktik c arijm c nite

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Unformatted text preview: in situ: ep t pou (lat.). in situ measurements: epit insoluble: lutoc. insoluble problem: piec metr seic. luto pr blhma. inspect: epijewr , el gqw. inspection: epije rhsh, legqoc. acceptance inspection: epije rhsh legqoc apodoq c. insphere: eggegramm nh sfa ra. instability: ast jeia. global instability: kajolik ast jeia. hydrodynamic instability: udrodunamik ast induced instability: epag menh ast jeia. inherent instability: eggen c ast jeia. local instability: topik ast jeia. numerical instability: arijmhtik ast jeia. jeia. instantaneous: stigmia oc. instantaneous acceleration: stigmia a epit qunsh. instantaneous axis: stigmia oc xonac. instantaneous axis of rotation: stigmia oc xonac peristrof c. instantaneous center of rotation: stigmia o k ntro peristrof c. instantaneous velocity: stigmia a taq thta. instantaneously: stigmia a. insu ciency: anep rkeia. insu cient: anepark c. insulate: mon nw. insulated: monwm noc. insulation: m nwsh. insulator: monwt c. instrument: rgano. intact: an pafoc. integer: ak raioc. integer lattice: ak raio pl gma. integer number: ak raioc arijm c. integer programming: ak raioc programmatism algebraic integer: algebrik c ak raioc. congruent integers: iso p loipoi ak raioi. c. 166 positive integer: jetik c ak raioc. quadratic integer: tetragwnik c ak integra: olik . curvature integra: raioc. olik kampul thta (sun. integrability: oloklhrwsim integral curvature kai total curvature). thta. Lebesgue integrability: oloklhrwsim thta kat Lebesgue. Riemann integrability: oloklhrwsim thta kat Riemann. square integrability: tetragwnik oloklhrwsim thta. stochastic integrability: stoqastik oloklhrwsim thta. integrable: oloklhr simoc. integrable function: oloklhr simh sun rthsh. Lebesgue integrable: oloklhr simoc kat Lebesgue. locally integrable: topik oloklhr simoc. Riemann integrable: oloklhr simoc kat Riemann. square integrable: tetragwnik oloklhr simoc. square integrable function: tetragwnik oloklhr simh sun integral: olokl rwma, oloklhrwtik c, ol klhroc, ak raioc. rthsh. integral calculus: oloklhrwtik c logism c. integral curvature: olik kampul thta (sun. total curvature kai curvature integra). integral curve: oloklhrwtik kamp lh. integral domain: ak raia perioq . integral equation: oloklhrwtik ex swsh. integral form: oloklhrwtik morf . integral formula: oloklhrwtik c t poc. integral function: oloklhrwtik sun rthsh. integral mean value theorem: je rhma m shc tim c gia oloklhr mata. integral method: oloklhrwtik m jodoc. integral representation: oloklhrwtik morf par stash. integral sign: s mbolo oloklhr matoc. integral surface: oloklhrwtik epif neia. integral test: oloklhrwtik krit rio. action integral: olokl rwma dr shc. boundary integral: sunoriak olokl rwma. boundary integral method (BIM): m jodoc sunoriako oloklhr matoc. Airy integral: olokl rwma Airy. contour integral: olokl rwma se kleist kamp lh. convolution integral: suneliktik olokl rwma. cosine integral: sunhmitonik olokl rwma. de nite integral: orism no olokl rwma. discontinuous i...
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