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Unformatted text preview: ro jroisma. iterated sum: epanalamban meno jroisma. partial sum: merik jroisma. pointwise sum: shmeiak jroisma. power sum: dunamo jroisma. wedge sum: sfhnoeid c jroisma (Topol.). zero sum: mhdenik jroisma. zero sum game: paiqn di mhdeniko ajro smatoc. summability: ajroisim thta. regular summability: kanonik ajroisim thta. 334 sun rthsh. m jodoc. Cesaro summability: ajroisim thta kat Cesaro. Riemann summability: ajroisim thta kat Riemann. summable: ajro simoc. summation: jroish, pr sjesh. summation by parts: pr sjesh kat m lh kat par gontec. summation convention: sunj kh s mbash ajro sewc. summation formula: t poc jroishc. summation index: de kthc ajro sewc. summation method: m jodoc jroishc. sun: lioc. super-: uper- (pr jema). superadditivity: uperprosjetik thta. superadditive: uperprosjetik c. superadditive function: uperprosjetik sun rthsh. superatomic: uperatomik c. superatomic Boolean algebra: uperatomik lgebra tou supercomputer: uperupologist c. superconducting: uperag gimoc. superconductivity: uperagwgim thta. superconvergence: an terh s gklish, upers gklish. superconvergent: upersugkl nwn. superconvergent method: upersugkl nousa m jodoc. supercritical: uperkr simoc. supercritical shock wave: uperkr simo kroustik supercritically: uperkr sima. superdiagonal: uperdiag nioc. superdi usion: uperdi qush. supere ciency: uperapotelesmatik superelement: uperstoiqe o. super uous: pleon zwn. super uous variable: pleon k ma. thta. zousa metablht . superharmonic: uperarmonik c, uperarmonik . superimpose: uperj tw (sun. superpose). superimposed: upertejeim noc (sun. superposed). superior: an teroc. superior limit: an tero rio el qisto k tw rio. 335 Boole. supermartingale: uper-martingale. supernormal: uperkanonik c. supernormal dispersion: uperkanonik diaspor sk dash. supernova: uperkainofan c (ast rac). superoscillation: upertal ntwsh. super-Poisson: uper-Poisson. super-Poisson distribution: uper-Poisson katanom . superposable: uperj simoc. superpose: uperj tw (sun. superimpose). superposed: upertejeim noc (sun. superimposed). superposed process: upertejeim nh an lixh. superposed variation: upertejeim nh metabol superposition: up rjesh, epallhl a. superposition principle: arq thc up rjeshc superregular: uperkanonik c. superregular function: uperkanonik superscript: nw de kthc. superset: upers nolo. supersonic: uperhqhtik c. supersonic ow: uperhqhtik . epallhl ac. sun rthsh. ro . supersymmetry: upersummetr a. sup-norm: sup-n rma peiro-n rma. supplement: parapl rwma, sumpl rwma. supplemental: paraplhrwmatik c, sumplhrwmatik supplementary: sumplhrwmatik c. c. supplementary information: sumplhrwmatik plhrofor a. supplementary condition: sumplhrwmatik sunj kh. supplemented: sumplhrwm noc. supplemented balance: sumplhrwm nh isorrop a. supply: promhje w, efodi zw, efodiasm c. kai z thsh. supply and demand: prosfor support: for ac, upost rigma, st rigma, en sqush. ac. compact support: sumpag c for local support: topik c for ac. 336 supported: me for a, me upost compactly supported functio...
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