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Unformatted text preview: fusik di taxh. normal order: kanonik di taxh. isomorphism order: t xh isomorfismo . partial order: merik di taxh. random order: tuqa a di taxh. rank order: di taxh bajmo . second order: de terh t xh. second-order di erential equation: diaforik ex swsh de terhc t xhc. total order: olik di taxh. ordered: diatetagm noc. ordered basis: diatetagm nh b sh. ordered n-tuple: diatetagm nh ni da. ordered pair: diatetagm no ze goc. ordered quadruple: diatetagm nh tetr da. ordered quintuple: diatetagm nh pent da. ordered sample: diatetagm no de gma. ordered sequence: diatetagm nh akolouj a. ordered sextuple: diatetagm nh ex da. ordered triple: diatetagm nh tri da. ordered triplet: diatetagm nh tri da. simply ordered: apl diatetagm noc. well-ordered set: kal c diatetagm no s nolo. ordering: di taxh. well ordering principle: arq ordinal: diataktik thc kal c di taxhc. c arijm c, diataktik c. ordinal number: diataktik c arijm c. in nite ordinal: peiroc diataktik c (arijm ordinary: sun jhc, kanonik c, taktik c. ordinary di erential equation (ODE): sun ordinary point: omal shme o. c). jhc diaforik ex swsh (SDE). ordinate: tetagm nh. 233 orient: prosanatol zw. orientable: prosanatol simoc. orientable surface: prosanatol simh epif neia. orientation: prosanatolism c. negative orientation: arnhtik c prosanatolism positive orientation: jetik c prosanatolism c. c. oriented: prosanatolism noc. oriented basis: prosanatolism nh b sh. oriented curve: prosanatolism nh kamp lh. oriented surface: prosanatolism nh epif neia. object oriented: antikeimenostref c. origin: arq . orthocenter: orj kentro. orthogonal: orjog nioc, k jetoc. orthogonal basis: orjog nia b sh. orthogonal complement: orjog nio sumpl rwma. orthogonal coordinates: orjog niec suntetagm nec. orthogonal curvilinear coordinates: orjog niec kampul grammec suntetagm nec. orthogonal families: orjog niec oikog neiec. orthogonal functions: orjog niec sunart seic. orthogonal matrix: orjog nioc p nakac. orthogonal polynomials: orjog nia polu numa. orthogonal projection: orjog nia probol . orthogonal set: orjog nio s nolo. orthogonal similarity: orjog nia omoi thta. orthogonal trajectories: orjog niec troqi c. orthogonal transformation: orjog nioc metasqhmatism c. orthogonal vectors: orjog nia k jeta dian smata. orthogonality: orjogwni thta. orthogonality-preserving transformation: apeik orthogonally: orjog nish diathro sa thn orjogwni thta. nia. orthogonally similar: orjog nia moioi. orthogonally similar matrices: orjog nia moioi p nakec (sun. orthographic: orjografik orthographic projection: c, orjog nioc (sun. orthogonal). orjografik orjog nia probol . orthomorphic: orj'morfoc. orthomorphic projection: orj morfh probol . orthonormal: orjokanonik c. orthonormal basis: orjokanonik b sh. 234 congruent matrices). orthonormal frame: orjokanonik pla sio. orthonormal functions: orjokanonik c sunart seic. orthonormal set: orjokanonik s nolo. orthonormal vectors: orjokanonik dian smata. orthonormalization: orjokanonikopo hsh....
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