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Unformatted text preview: Gram-Schmidt orthonormalization process: orthonormalize: orjokanonikopoi . orthonormalized: orjokanonikopoihm noc. orthotropic: orj tropoc, orjotropik c. oscillating: talanteu menoc. oscillating permutation: talanteu oscillation: tal m jodoc orjokanonikopo hshc twn Gram-Schmidt. menh met jesh. ntwsh, k mansh. constrained oscillation: exanagkasm nh tal ntwsh. forced oscillation: exanagkasm nh tal ntwsh (sun. forced vibration). self-sustained oscillations: mmonec autosunthro menec talant seic. spurious oscillation: plasmatik tal ntwsh. stable oscillations: eustaje c talant seic. oscillator: talantwt c. anharmonic oscillator: anarmonik c talantwt c. coupled oscillator: suzeugm noc talantwt c. damped harmonic oscillator: armonik c talantwt t c. c me ap sbesh, aposbhn menoc armonik c talantw- harmonic oscillator: armonik c talantwt c. linear harmonic oscillator: grammik c armonik c talantwt simple harmonic oscillator: apl c armonik c talantwt c. oscillatory: talanteu menoc. oscillatory damped motion: talanteu menh k nhsh me ap oscillatory solution: talanteu menh l sh. osculating: egg c. sbesh. tatoc, efapt menoc. osculating circle: egg tatoc k kloc. osculating paraboloid: egg tato paraboloeid c. osculating plane: egg tato ep pedo. osculating polynomial: efapt meno polu numo. osculating sphere: egg tath sfa ra. Ostrogradsky, M.V. (1801-1862). Gauss-Ostrogradsky theorem: klishc (divergence theorem). out: xw. outer: exwterik outer function: je rhma twn Gauss-Ostrogradsky, je c. exwterik sun rthsh. 235 rhma tou Gauss, je rhma ap - outer problem: exwterik pr outer product: dianusmatik blhma. exwterik gin meno (sun. cross vector product). out ow: ekro . outgoing: exerq menoc. outline: per gramma, per metroc, k ria shme a, per lhyh. output: xodoc, exag meno, ap nthsh, ap dosh. output language: gl ssa ex output statement: entol ex outward: proc ta oval: woeid c. oval of Cassini: dou. dou. xw. woeid c tou Cassini. overall: sunolik c. overconvergence: upers gklish (seir c). overdamped: taq wc aposbhn menoc, me taqe a ap overdamped motion: k nhsh me taqe a ap sbesh. sbesh. overdamping: uperap sbesh. overdetermined: uperkajorism noc, uperprosdiorism noc. overdetermined system: uperkajorism no s sthma. over ow: uperqe lish, uperpl over ow error: rwsh. sf lma uperqe lishc. overlap: allhlepikal ptw. overlapping: allhlepik lupsh, allhlepikalupt menoc, epikalupt menoc. diamerism c epikalupt menwn qwr wn. mata. overlapping domain decomposition: diaqwrism c overlapping intervals: allhlepikalupt mena diast overloading: uperf rtish. overrelaxation: uperqal rwsh. overrelaxation method: m jodoc uperqal rwshc. successive overrelaxation method: m jodoc diadoqik overtones: an terec armonik c, up rtonoi. ovoid: woeid c. Cartesian ovoid: kartesian woeid c. 236 c uperqal rwshc. P PDE (partial di erential equation): merik parag gouc. diaforik ex swsh (MDE) p.g.f. (probability generating function): pijanogenn pp.: sel dec (pages). p.p.m. (parts per million): m rh an ekatomm rio. pair: ze goc, du da....
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