Orthogonal vectors orjog nia k jeta dian smata

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Unformatted text preview: rh Gauss. weighted: stajmism noc. weighted average: stajmik c m soc. Galerkin weighted residuals: stajmism na up weighting: st loipa Galerkin. jmish. par gontac st jmishc, par gontac b rouc. weighting factor: Weingarten equations: exis well: kal seic tou Weingarten. c. well conditioned: kal c kat stashc. well de ned: kal c orism noc. well-ordered set: kal c diatetagm no s nolo. well ordering principle: arq thc kal c di taxhc. well posed problem: kal c topojethm no pr blhma. well-posedness: to kal c topojethm no (probl matoc). well-solvable problem: kal c epil simo pr blhma. wheel: troq spur wheel: white: leuk white noise: c. odontwt c troq c. c. leuk c j ruboc. whitening: le wide: eur c. kansh. wide angle: eure a gwn a. wide sense: eure a nnoia. width: pl toc, e roc, noigma. noigma. angular width: gwniak wind: nemoc. wind-driven circulation: anemogen c kuklofor a. 378 wing: pt ruga. witch: m gissa. witch of Agnessi: with: me. withdrawal: apoq without: qwr c. m gissa tou Agnessi. rhsh, ap sursh. without loss of generality (wlog): qwr c ap word: l xh. word problem: pr work: leia ( bl bh) thc genik thtac. blhma l xhc. rgo. principle of virtual work: arq virtual work: dunat rgo. working: leitourgik tou dunato rgou. c. working hypothesis: up jesh ergas ac. working mean: leitourgik c m soc. write: gr fw, eggr fw. entol eggraf c (plhroforik ). write statement: writing: graf , eggraf . Wronskian: tou Wronski. Wronskian: or zousa tou Wronski. X x-axis: xonac twn . Y 379 yd: u rda (yard). yr. (pl. yrs.): toc (year). y-axis: xonac twn . yard: u rda. year: toc. yield: par gw, upoqwr . yield stress: t sh ro c diarro c. Z z-axis: xonac twn z. z-chart: z-q rthc. z-test: legqoc z. z-transformation: metasqhmatism c z . zero: mhd n, r za (ex swshc). zero-dimensional: mhdenodi statoc, mhdenik c di stashc. zero function: mhdenik sun rthsh. zero ideal: mhdenik ide dec. zero matrix: mhdenik c p nakac. zero mapping: mhdenik apeik nish metasqhmatism c (transformation). zero measure: mhdenik m tro. zero morphism: mhdenik c morfism c. zero object: mhdenik antike meno. zero of a polynomial: r za poluwn mou. zero sum: mhdenik jroisma. zero sum game: paiqn di mhdeniko ajro smatoc. zero transformation: mhdenik c metasqhmatism c apeik nish (mapping). zero vector: mhdenik di nusma. absolute zero: ap luto mhd n. distinct zeros: diakekrim nec r zec. extremal zeros: r zec akrot twn. simple zero: apl r za. zeroth: mhdenik c. zeroth order approximation: pros zeta: z ta. zeta distribution: katanom zeta function: sun rthsh z ggish mhdenik c t xhc. z ta. ta. 380 zodiac: zwdiak c. zonal: zwnik c, kat z nec. zonal polynomial: polu numo kat z nec, zwnik zonal sampling: deigmatolhy a kat z nec. zone: z polu numo. nh. zone of indi erence: z nh isoprot mhshc. zone of preference: z nh prot mhshc. equiaxed zone: isoaxonik z nh. 381...
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