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Unformatted text preview: envalue problem: ant strofo pr blhma idiotim n. inverse problem: ant strofo pr blhma. isoperimetric problem: isoperimetrik pr blhma. least squares problem: pr blhma elaq stwn tetrag nwn. maximization problem: pr blhma megistopo hshc. minimization problem: pr blhma elaqistopo hshc. mixed (boundary value) problem: mikt pr blhma (sunoriak n tim n). 261 blhma moving boundary problem: pr blhma kinoum nou sun rou. optimization problem: pr blhma beltistopo hshc. outer problem: exwterik pr blhma. parabolic problem: parabolik pr blhma. queuing problem: pr blhma anamon c. singular problem: idi zon pr blhma. singular boundary value problem: idi zon pr blhma sunoriak n tim n. traveling salesman problem: pr blhma periode ontoc pwlht pr blhma emporiko two-point boundary value problem: pr blhma d o sunoriak n tim n. weak problem: asjen c pr blhma. well posed problem: kal c topojethm no pr blhma. antipros pou. procedure: diadikas a. decision procedure: diadikas a ap fashc. procedural: diadikastik procedural bias: c. diadikastik merolhy a. process: diadikas a, m jodoc, an lixh, tr poc. accumulated process: sunajroistik an lixh. additive process: prosjetik an lixh. complex process: pol plokh diadikas a. evolutionary process: exeliktik an lixh. Gram-Schmidt orthonormalization process: m jodoc orjokanonikopo hshc twn Gram-Schmidt. harmonic process: armonik an lixh. hierarchical process: ierarqik an lixh. multi-linear process: polugrammik an lixh. multivariate process: polumetablht an lixh. random impulse process: an lixh tuqa ac jhshc. random process: tuqa a an lixh. regenerative process: anagennhtik an lixh. sequential process: akoloujiak diadikas a. superposed process: upertejeim nh an lixh. processing: epexergas a, diadikas a. processing error: diadikastik sf lma. distributed processing: katanemhm nh epexergas a. image processing: epexergas a eik nac. information processing: epexergas a plhrofori n. parallel processing: par llhlh epexergas a. signal processing: epexergas a s matoc. symbol processing: sumbolik epexergas a. text processing: epexergas a keim nou. processor: epexergast c. symbol processor: sumbolik c epexergast text processor: epexergast c keim nou. c. 262 produce: par gw, sqhmat zw, pro producer: paragwg c. producer's risk: product: gin n. k ndunoc tou paragwgo . meno, pollaplasiasm c, pollapl sio, pro n. product category: kathgor a ginom nou. product of inertia: gin meno adr neiac. product measure space: q roc m trou gin meno. product moment: mikt rop . product-moment formula: t poc mikt c rop c tou ginom nou rop n. product set: kartesian gin meno (Cartesian product). a ne product: susqetism no gin meno. bounded product: fragm no gin meno. box product: mikt gin meno dianusm twn. Cartesian product: kartesian gin meno. cross product: exwterik dianusmatik staurwt gin meno (sun. outer vector product). cap product: gin meno tom c (ap to s mbolo \). cup product: gin meno nwshc (ap to s mbolo ). direct product: euj gin meno gin meno Kronecker (sun. Kroneck...
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