Polyhedron pl polyhedrons or polyhedra pol edro arqim

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Unformatted text preview: edness: to kak c asjen c topojethm no (probl well-posedness: to kal c topojethm no (probl matoc). position: j sh, st gma. position vector: di nusma j sewc actual position: pragmatik j sh. standard position: sun jhc j sh. positioning: topoj thsh. global positioning system: positive: jetik matoc). epibatik akt na. s sthma kajolik c topoj thshc. c. positive angle: jetik gwn a. positive arc: jetik t xo. positive charge: jetik fort o. positive correlation: jetik susq tish. positive de nite: jetik orism noc. positive de nite matrix: jetik orism noc p nakac. positive de nite operator: jetik orism noc telest positive de niteness: to jetik orism no. c. 254 c. positive direction: jetik kate junsh. positive element: jetik stoiqe o. positive homogeneity: jetik omog neia. positive integer: jetik c ak raioc. positive number: jetik c arijm c. positive orientation: jetik c prosanatolism c. positive pole: jetik c p loc. positive power: jetik d namh. positive semide nite: jetik hmiorism noc. positive semide niteness: to jetik hmiorism no. positive sense: jetik for . positive sign: jetik pr shmo. positive term: jetik c roc. strictly positive number: gn sia austhr jetik c arijm c. positiveness: jetik thta. positivity: jetik thta. positron: pozitr nio. possibility: dunat thta. possible: dunat c. possible event: dunat gegon c. maximum possible error: m gisto dunat posterior: a posteriori, ek twn ust rwn. posterior probability: a posteriori pijan sf lma. thta, sterh pijan thta. posteriori: bl. a posteriori. postmultiplication: pollaplasism c ap dexi . postmultiply: pollaplasi zw ap dexi . postulate: apait , axi , a thma, ax wma. To a thma (postulate) anaf retai se eidik so to ax wma (axiom). a thma Bayes. e nai t so genik Bayes' postulate: postulation: up potency: isq c. jesh, d thma, ax wma. potency of a set: isq c sun lou. potential: dunamik c, dunamik , dunhtik c, dunat c. potential barrier: fr gma dunamiko . potential di erence: diafor dunamiko . potential energy: dunamik en rgeia. potential equation: ex swsh dunamiko . potential function: sun rthsh dunamiko . potential gradient: kl sh dunamiko . potential theory: jewr a dunamiko . complex potential: migadik dunamik . electric potential: hlektrik dunamik . 255 jewr a kai den electrostatic potential: hlektrostatik dunamik . gravitational potential: dunamik bar thtac barutik kinetic potential: kinhtik dunamik . scalar potential: bajmwt dunamik . vector potential: dianusmatik dunamik . velocity potential: dunamik (thc) taq thtac. power: d dunamik . namh, isq c. power curve: kamp lh isq oc. power function: dunamosun rthsh. power method: m jodoc twn dun mewn. power residue: dunamo p loipo. power series: dunamoseir . power series solution: l sh se morf dunamoseir c. power set: dunamos nolo. power of a set: isq c sun lou. power sum: dunamo jroisma. power of a test: isq c el gqou. power of a test function: isq c elegqosun rthshc, isq c sun ascending powers: anio sec dun meic. block power method: s njeth m jodoc twn dun mewn. descending powers: katio...
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