Positive integer jetik c ak raioc positive number

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Unformatted text preview: k nish diathro sa to embad n. length-preserving transformation: apeik nish diathro sa ta m kh. orthogonality-preserving transformation: apeik nish diathro sa thn orjogwni shape preserving: o diathr n th morf . pressure: p esh. pressure gradient: kl sh p eshc. atmospheric pressure: atmosfairik p esh. barometric pressure: barometrik p esh. hydrostatic pressure: udrostatik p esh. static pressure: statik p esh. prevail: epikrat . prevailing: epikrat n, uperisq prevision: pr bleyh. prewhitening: prole kansh. prey: j rama. predator-prey system: s price: tim . price index: wn. sthma kunhgo -jhr matoc. de kthc tim n. primal: prwte wn, arqik c, basik c, prwtogen c. wn-deutere wn. primal-dual: prwte 258 thta. primary: prwte wn, k rioc, arqik c, prwtogen c. ousa ro . pr toc, pr toc arijm c, t noc. prime factorization: paragontopo hsh se pr touc. prime eld: pr to s ma. prime ideal: pr to ide dec. prime model: pr to mont lo. prime number: pr toc arijm c. relative prime numbers: pr toi metax touc arijmo . relatively prime: sqetik pr toi (arijmo ). twin primes: d dumoi pr toi (arijmo ). primary ow: prwte prime: primer: eisagwgik bibl o. primitive: arqik c, prwte wn, prwtarqik c, basik c, arq gonoc. primitive period: basik per odoc. primitive Pythagorean triple basik prwtarqik pujag reia tri primitive recursion: basik arq gonh anadrom . primitive recursive functions: basik c anadromik c sunart seic. primitive recursive predicate: basik anadromik kathg rhma. primitive recursive sets: basik anadromik s nola. primitive root: arqik r za. primitive variable: arqik arq gonh metablht . principal: prwte wn, k rioc, pr toc. principal axes: k rioi xonec. principal axes of inertia: k rioi xonec adr neiac. principal axes theorem: je rhma kur wn ax nwn. principal branch: prwte wn kl doc. principal bundle: k ria d smh. principal curvature: k ria kampul thta. principal diagonal: k ria diag nioc. principal direction: k ria die junsh. principal ideal: k rio prwte on ide dec. principal moments of inertia: k riec rop c adr neiac. principal normal: pr th k jeth. principal part: prwte on m roc. principal plane: k rio ep pedo (optik ). principal point: k rio shme o (optik ). principal range: prwte on di sthma. principal value: prwte ousa tim . Cauchy principal value: prwte ousa tim tou Cauchy. principle: arq . principle of duality: arq tou du smo . principle of nality: arq thc telei thtac. principle of least time: arq tou el qistou qr nou. principle of virtual work: arq tou dunato rgou. basic principles: basik c arq c, axi mata (axioms). diamond principle: arq tou diamantio (logik ). 259 da. rst principle: basik jemeli dhc arq . fundamental principle: jemeli dhc arq . equipartition principle: arq thc isodiam rishc. exclusion principle: arq apokleismo . inclusion principle: arq egkleismo . invariance principle: arq tou anallo wtou. least number principle: arq elaq stou arijmo . least squares principle: arq elaq stwn tetrag nwn. maximum likelihood principle: arq m gisthc pijanof neiac. minimax principle: arq elaqistomeg stou, arq minimax. partition principle: a...
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