Predicate calculus kathgorhmatik c logism c sun

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Unformatted text preview: nw, diagr fw, aplopoi , apale fw, exale fw. cancellable: diagr yimoc, apale yimoc, akur simoc. cancellation: diagraf , ak rwsh, aplopo hsh, apaloif , mhdenism cancellation law: n moc thc diagraf c cancellative: diagrafik thc apaloif c. c. c, akurwtik c, thc apaloif c. pr xh. cancellative operation: akurwtik canonical: kanonik c. canonical action: kanonik dr sh. canonical class: kanonik kl sh. canonical coordinates: kanonik c suntetagm nec. canonical correlation: kanonik susq tish. canonical desingularization: kanonik apo diomorfopo hsh. canonical equations: kanonik c exis seic. canonical expression: kanonik par stash. canonical form: kanonik morf . canonical moment: kanonik rop . canonical projection: kanonik probol . canonical region: kanonik c t poc. canonical representation: kanonik anapar stash. canonical transformation: kanonik c metasqhmatism c. canonical variable: kanonik metablht . Jordan's canonical form: kanonik morf tou Jordan. canonically: kanonik c. kanonik c suzuge c. canonically conjugate: cantilever: pr boloc (Mhq.), proexoq Cantor, Georg (1845-1918). . Cantor's paradox: par doxo tou Cantor. Cantor set: s nolo Cantor. triadic Cantor set: triadik s nolo Cantor. Sun. Cantor ternary set. Cantorian: tou Cantor. cap: to s mbolo thc tom cap product: c, \. gin meno tom c (ap to s mbolo \). capacitance: qwrhtik thta. capacitor: puknwt c. capacity: qwrhtik thta. heat capacity: jermoqwrhtik thta. capillarity: to triqoeid c. capillary: triqoeid c, triqoeid capital: kef laio. c agwg c. 37 Caratheodory, Constantin (1873-1950). card: k rta, qart tr poulac. card reader: anagn sthc kart n. Cardano, Jerome (1501-1576). cardinal: jemeli dhc, plhjik c, plhj rijmoc plhjik c arijm c. isq c. cardinal number: plhj rijmoc plhjik c arijm c cardinal number axiom: ax wma twn plhjar jmwn. cardinal representation: jemeli dhc anapar stash. large cardinal: meg loc plhj rijmoc. regular cardinal: kanonik c plhj rijmoc. singular cardinal: idi zwn plhj rijmoc. cardinality: plhjik thta, isq c, plhjik c arijm c. thta tou suneqo c. cardinality of continuum: plhjik cardioid: kardioeid c, kardioeid carrier: for ac. carrier wave: c. f ron k ma. Cartesian: kartesian c. Cartesian coordinates: kartesian c suntetagm nec (sun. rectangular coordinates). Cartesian ovoid: kartesian woeid c. Cartesian plane: kartesian ep pedo. Cartesian product: kartesian gin meno. Cartesian space: kartesian c q roc. Cartesian system: kartesian s sthma. Cartesian tensor: kartesian c tanust c. cartography: qartograf a. case: per ptwsh. ambiguous case: diforo menh per ptwsh. limiting case: oriak per ptwsh. special case: eidik per ptwsh. trivial case: tetrimm nh per ptwsh. cash: metrht cash ow: , reust qr ma. qrhmatoro . Cassini, Jean Dominique (1625-1712). oval of Cassini: woeid c tou casting: q teush. Catalan, (-). Catalan's constant: Cassini. stajer tou Catalan. 38 catalysis: kat lush. catalytic: katalutik c. catastrophy: katastrof catastrophy theory: . jewr a katastrof c. catastrophic: katastrofik categori...
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