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Unformatted text preview: er product). dot product: eswterik bajmwt arijmhtik euj gin meno gin meno tele ac (sun. inner scalar product). double dot product: gin meno dipl c tele ac. dyadic product: duadik gin meno. exterior product: exwterik gin meno sfhnoeid c gin meno (wedge product, ap to s mbolo ^). Qrhsimopoie tai se exwterik c lgebrec (exterior algebras). free product: ele jero gin meno. Hermitian product: ermitian gin meno (eswterik gin meno). in nite product: peiro gin meno apeirogin meno. inner product: eswterik bajmwt arijmhtik gin meno (sun. scalar product. inner product space: q roc me eswterik gin meno. iterated product: epanalamban meno gin meno. iterated tensor product: pollapl tanustik gin meno. Kronecker product: gin meno Kronecker euj gin meno (sun. direct product). metabelian product: metabelian gin meno. object product: gin meno antikeim nwn. outer product: dianusmatik exwterik gin meno (sun. cross vector product). pointwise product: shmeiak gin meno. pseudoscalar product: yeudoarijmhtik gin meno mikt gin meno arijmhtik tripl gin meno (scalar triple product). scalar product: eswterik bajmwt arijmhtik gin meno gin meno tele ac (sun. inner dot product), bajmwt pollapl sio, bajmwt c pollaplasiasm c. scalar triple product: mikt gin meno (dianusm twn) yeudoarijmhtik (pseudoscalar) gin meno arijmhtik tripl gin meno. smash product: sunjliptik gin meno (Topol.). Anaf retai ep shc kai wc sugkrousm no gin meno. tensor product: tanustik gin meno. wedge product: exwterik gin meno (exterior product) sfhnoeid c gin meno (ap to s mbolo ^). Qrhsimopoie tai se exwterik c lgebrec (exterior algebras). vector product: dianusmatik exwterik gin meno (sun. cross outer product). vector triple product: disexwterik gin meno dianusmatik tripl gin meno. 263 productive: paragwgik c. productive nonterminal: paragwgik mh termatik . pro le: prof l, katatom pro le analysis: program: pr , pl gia yh, katanom , per gramma. an lush katatom c. gramma. interactive program: diadrastik programming: programmatism pr gramma. c. programming language: gl ssa programmatismo . dynamic programming: dunamik c programmatism c. integer programming: ak raioc programmatism c. linear programming: grammik c programmatism c. mixed integer programming: mikt c ak raioc programmatism non-linear programming: mh grammik c programmatism c. quadratic programming: tetragwnik c programmatism c. scienti c programming: episthmonik c programmatism c. semi-de nite programming: hmiorism noc programmatism c. c. progress: pr odoc. progression: pr odoc. arithmetic progression: arijmhtik pr odoc. geometric progression: gewmetrik pr odoc. harmonic progression: armonik pr odoc. progressive: proodeutik c. progressive average: proodeutik progressive wave: diadid meno k c diadoqik c m soc. ma. progressively: proodeutik . project: 1. prob llw. 2. sq dio. projectile: bl ma. projecting: pr boloc, prob llwn. projecting cylinder: projection: probol pr boloc k lindroc. . projection function: sun rthsh probol c. projection operator: telest c pr...
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