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Projection function sun rthsh probol c pulse function

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Unformatted text preview: sh el gqou. unit function: monadia a sun rthsh. unit step function: sun rthsh monadia ou b matoc. vector function: dianusmatik sun rthsh. vector-valued function: dianusmatik sun rthsh. wave function: kumatosun rthsh kumatik sun rthsh. weight function: sun rthsh b rouc. zero function: mhdenik sun rthsh. zeta function: sun rthsh z ta. functional: sunarthsiak sunarthsoeid c, sunarthsiak c, leitourgik c. functional analysis: sunarthsiak an lush. functional form: sunarthsiak morf . a ne functional: susqetism no sunarthsiak . constant functional: stajer sunarthsiak . convex functional: kurt sunarthsiak . linear functional: grammik sunarthsiak . location functional: sunarthsiak j shc. quadratic functional: tetragwnik sunarthsiak functionally: sunarthsiak functionally independent: functor: sunartht . . sunarthsiak anex rthtoi. c. adjoint functor: suzug c sunartht c. contravariant functor: antallo wtoc sunartht c. covariant functor: sunallo wtoc sunartht c. diagonal functor: diag nioc sunartht c. exponential functor: ekjetik c sunartht c. forgetful functor: epil smwn sunartht c. free-object functor: sunartht c ele jerwn antikeim nwn. hom functor: hom sunartht c. identity functor: tautotik c sunartht c. representable functor: anaparast simoc sunartht c. fundamental: jemeli dhc, basik c. 135 rthsh, fundamental coe cients: jemeli deic suntelest c, jemeli dh meg jh. fundamental form: jemeli dhc morf . fundamental frequency: jemeli dhc basik suqn thta. fundamental group: basik om da. fundamental mode: jemeli dhc tal ntwsh tr poc (tal ntwshc). fundamental principle: jemeli dhc arq . fundamental sequence: basik akolouj a. fundamental solution: jemeli dhc l sh. fundamental theorem: jemeli dec je rhma. fundamental theorem of algebra: jemeli dec je rhma thc lgebrac. fundamental theorem of arithmetic: jemeli dec je rhma thc arijmhtik c. fundamental theorem of calculus: jemeli dec je rhma tou majhmatiko logismo . fundamental theorem of integral calculus: jemeli dec je rhma tou oloklhrwtiko logismo method of fundamental solutions (MFS): m jodoc jemeliwd n l sewn. future: m llon. absolute future: ap luto m llon. fuzziness: as feia. fuzzy: asaf c. fuzzy logic: asaf c logik . fuzzy modeling: asaf c montelopo hsh. fuzzy set: asaf c s nolo. G gain: k rdoc. gain function: sun rthsh k rdouc. galaxy: galax ac. galactic: galaxiak c. galactic absorption: galaxiak Galerkin, aporr fhsh. (-) Galerkin method: m jodoc Galerkin. Galerkin weighted residuals: stajmism na up loipa Galerkin. Petrov-Galerkin method: m jodoc Petrov-Galerkin. Galilean: galilai an c. Galilean transformation: galilai an c metasqhmatism c. 136 . Galileo: Galila oc. Galileo paradox: par doxo tou Galila ou. Galois, Evariste (1811-1832) Galois action: dr sh Galois. Galois cohomology: sunomolog a Galois. Galois eld: s ma Galois. Galois group: om da Galois. Galois representations: anaparast seic Galois. Galois theory: jewr a Galois. game: pa gnio, paiqn di. game theory: jewr a paign wn. zero sum game: paiqn di mhdeniko gamma: g ajro smatoc. mma. ga...
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