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Unformatted text preview: . chain reaction: alusidwt ant drash. reactive: antidrastik reactive ow: read: diab c, me ant drash. ro me (qhmik ) ant drash. zw. read statement: entol an gnwshc (plhroforik ). reader: anagn card reader: sthc. anagn sthc kart n. reading: an gnwsh. real: pragmatik c. real analysis: pragmatik an lush. real axis: pragmatik c xonac. real function: pragmatik sun rthsh. real matrix: pragmatik c p nakac. real number: pragmatik c arijm c. real number system: s sthma twn pragmatik real part: pragmatik m roc. real valued: pragmatik c. real-valued function: pragmatik sun rthsh. real variable: pragmatik metablht . reality: pragmatik thta. virtual reality: eikonik n arijm n. pragmatik thta. realizable: pragmatopoi simoc. realization: pragmatopo hsh. realize: pragmatopoi , enno . rearrange: anadiat ssw, anakatat ssw. rearrangement: anadi taxh, anakat taxh. rearrangement of terms: anadi reason: l goc. reasonable: logik c. reasoning: sullogistik . non-monotone reasoning: taxh rwn. mh mon tonh ajroistik sullogistik . 278 receive: d qomai, upod qomai. receiver: d kthc. reception: upodoq . reciprocal: ant strofoc, amoiba oc. reciprocal di erences: ant strofec diafor reciprocal tensors: ant strofoi tanust c. c. reciprocally: ant strofa, amoiba a. reciprocity: antistrof , amoibai thta. dual reciprocity: du k antistrof . dual reciprocity method: m jodoc du k c antistrof c. dual reciprocity boundary elements: sunoriak stoiqe a du k c antistrof multiple reciprocity method: m jodoc pollapl c antistrof c. quadratic reciprocity law: tetragwnik c n moc antistrof c. reciprocity law: n moc antistrof c. c. record: katagr fw, rek r. recognition: anagn rish. language recognition: anagn rish gl ssac. recognize: anagnwr zw. recognizer: anagnwrist language recognizer: c. anagnwrist c gl ssac. recover: anakt . recovery: an kthsh, apokat recovery of information: an rectangle: orjog golden rectangle: stash. kthsh plhrofor ac. nio. qrus orjog nio. rectangular: orjog nioc. rectangular coordinates: kartesian c orjog niec suntetagm nec (sun. Cartesian coordinates). rectangular coordinate system: kartesian orjog nio s sthma suntetagm nwn (sun. Cartesian coordinate system). rectangular distribution: orjog nia katanom . rectangular lattice: orjog nio pl gma. rectangular neighborhood: orjog nia perioq . rectangular parallelepiped: orjog nio parallhlep pedo. Sun. kuboeid c (cuboid). recti ability: anorjwsim thta, diorjwsim thta, h idi thta kamp lhc (peperasm no) m koc. recti able: anorj recti able arc: t recti able curve: simoc, diorj simoc, eujugramm simoc, upolog simoc. xo me upolog simo (peperasm no) m koc. kamp lh me upolog simo (peperasm no) m koc. 279 t xou na qei upolog simo recti ed: anorjwm noc, diorjwm noc. recti ed formula: diorjwm noc t poc. recti ed function: anorjwm nh sun rthsh. half recti ed: hmianorjwm noc. half recti ed function: hmianorjwm nh sun rthsh. half recti ed sine wave function: hmianorjwm nh hmitonoeid c kumatik sun rthsh. recti er: anorjwthc, diorjwt c. rectify: anorj nw, diorj nw, upolog zw, eujugramm zw, eujei...
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