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Unformatted text preview: s njesh sq sewn. compositional: sunjetik c. compositionality: sunjetik thta. compound: s njetoc, sunj tw. compound event: s njeto gegon c endeq compound lens: s njetoc fak c. compound pendulum: s njeto ekkrem c. compound polyhedra: s njeta pol edra. compound solids: s njeta s mata stere meno. (p.q. s njeta pol edra). comprehensive: periektik c, eur c. compress: sumpi zw, sumpt ssw, jl bw. compressed: sumpiesm noc, suneptugm noc. compressed limits: suneptugm na compressible: sumpiest c. compressible ow: sumpiest compressible uid: sumpiest ria. ro . reust . compression: sump esh, s mptuxh, jl yh. computability: upologisim thta. computable: upolog simoc. computable error bound: upolog simo fr gma sf lmatoc. computable function: upolog simh sun rthsh. computable in time t: upolog simoc se qr no t. grammatically computable function: grammatik upolog simh sun computation: upologism c. neural computation: neurwnik c upologism c. parallel computation: par llhloc upologism c. computational: upologistik c. computational complexity: upologistik poluplok computational error: upologistik sf lma. computational geometry: upologistik gewmetr a. thta. 54 rthsh. olokl rwsh). computational mathematics: upologistik majhmatik . computational mechanics: upologistik mhqanik . computational uid dynamics (CFD): upologistik reustodunamik compute: upolog zw. computer: upologist . c. computer architecture: arqitektonik upologist n. computer intensive methods: upologistik entatik c m analog computer: analogik c upologist c. digital computer: yhfiak c upologist c. parallel computer: par llhloc upologist c. computerize: . computerized: . computing: upologism jodoi. c, upolog zontac. high performance computing: upologism c uyhl c ep doshc. scienti c computing: episthmonik c upologism c. concatenation: par jesh, allhlouq a, suneirm concave: ko loc, mh kurt c. c. concave polygon: mh kurt pol gwno (sun. non-convex polygon). concave polyhedron: mh kurt pol edro (sun. non-convex polyhedron). log-concave: logarijmik ko loc. concavity: to ko lon, koil thta. concentration: sugk ntrwsh. mass concentration: mazik sugk ntrwsh, sugk ntrwsh m stress concentration: sugk ntrwsh t sewn. zac. concentric: om kentroc. concentric circles: om kentroi k kloi. concentric conics: om kentrec kwnik c. concentric pencils: om kentrec d smec. concentrically: omok ntrwc. concept: nnoia, id a. basic concepts: basik c nnoiec. conchoid: kogqoeid c. conchoid of Nicomedes: kogqoeid concrete: sumpag concrete category: c tou Nikom dh. c. sumpag c kathgor a. concurrence: s gklish (eujei n), h tom sugklinous n eujei n. 55 concurrent: sugkl nwn, temn concurrent lines: menoc. sugkl nousec euje ec, temn menec euje ec. concyclic: sugkuklik c. condensation: sump knwsh. condensation lemma: l mma sump knwshc. static condensation: statik sump knwsh. condense: sunpukn nw. condenser: puknwt c, sumpuknwt c. condition: sunj kh, roc, kat stash (gia p nakec). condition index: de kthc kat stashc. condition number: arijm c kat stashc. boundary condition:...
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