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Unformatted text preview: sma. hexahedral: ex edroc, exaedrik c. hexahedron (pl. hexahedrons or hexahedra): ex regular hexahedron: hidden: kruf c. hidden periodicity: kanonik edro. omal ex edro (dhl. k boc). kruf periodik thta. hierarchical: ierarqik c. hierarchical classi cation: ierarqik taxin mhsh. hierarchical design: ierarqik c sqediasm c. hierarchical method: ierarqik m jodoc. hierarchical process: ierarqik an lixh. hierarchy: ierarq a. complexity hierarchy: cumulative hierarchy: high: uyhl ierarq a poluplok thtac. susswreutik ierarq a (logik ). c. high performance computing: upologism c uyhl c ep doshc. high performance network: d ktuo uyhl c ep doshc. high resolution: uyhl eukr neia diakrisim thta. high-temperature superconductivity: uperagwgim thta uyhl 149 n jermokrasi n. higher: an teroc. higher derivatives: par gwgoi an terhc t xhc. higher-order elements: stoiqe a an terou bajmo higher order terms: roi an terhc t xhc. highest: m gistoc. highest common factor: m gistoc koin c par gontac ( diair thc). highly: pol , se meg lo bajm Hilbert, David (1862-1943) Hilbert space: q roc . . Hilbert. histogram: ist gramma. hodogram: od gramma. hodograph: odogr fhma, odograf a. hodography: odograf a. Holder, Otto (1859-1937) Holder continuity: sun qeia kat Holder. Holder continuous: suneq c kat Holder. Holder's inequality: anis thta tou Holder. hole: tr pa, op . ma rh tr pa black hole: hollow: ko loc. holomorphic: ol melan op . morfoc, olomorfik c. holomorphic function: ol morfh sun rthsh. holomorphic mapping: ol morfh apeik nish. holomorphic monster: ol morfo t rac. holonomic: ol nomoc. holonomic constraint: ol nomoc desm c holonomic system: ol nomo s sthma. holonomy: olonom a. holonomy group: ol hom: hom. periorism c. nomh om da. hom functor: hom sunartht c. homeo-: omoio- (pr jema). homeomorphic: omoiomorfik c. homeomorphism: omoiomorfism homo-: omo- (pr jema). c. 150 homogeneity: omog neia. degree of homogeneity: bajm c omog neiac. positive homogeneity: jetik omog neia. homogeneous: omogen c, omoiogen c. homogeneous (boundary) condition: omogen c (sunoriak ) sunj kh. homogeneous di erential equation: omogen c diaforik ex swsh. homogeneous equation: omogen c ex swsh. homogeneous function: omogen c sun rthsh. homogeneous medium: omoiogen c m so. homogeneous property: omogen c idi thta. homogeneous system: omogen c s sthma. homogeneous transformation: omogen c metasqhmatism c. homogenization: omogenopo hsh. homogenized: omogenopoihm noc. homographic: omografik c, isembadik homographic projection: c. isembadik probol . homography: omograf a. homological: omologiak c, om logoc, omologik c. homological algebra: omologiak lgebra. homological invariants: omologiak c anallo wtec. homological method: omologiak m'jodoc. homologous: om logoc. homology: omolog a. homology group: omologiak om da. homomorphic: om morfoc, omomorfik homomorphism: omomorfism c. natural homomorphism: fusik c. c omomorfism c. homoskedastic: omoskedastik c. homothetic: omoiojetik c. Se merik bibl a omojetik c. homothetic gu...
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