Recurrence formula anadromik recurrence relation

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Unformatted text preview: ar polygon: kanonik omal pol gwno. regular polyhedra: kanonik omal pol edra (bl. polyhedron). regular pyramid: kanonik puram da. regular quadrilateral: kanonik tetr pleuro. regular representation: kanonik par stash. regular singular point: s nhjec idi zon an malo shme o. regular solids: kanonik omal s mata (sun. regular polyhedra). regular space: kanonik c q roc. Metafr zetai ep shc wc fusiologik di krish ap to normal space. regular summability: kanonik ajroisim thta. 283 c q roc prokeim nou na g nei regular tetrahedron: kanonik regular tiling: kanonik omal omal tetr edro. plak strwsh. regularity: kanonik thta, omal thta. regularization: omalopo hsh, kanonikopo hsh. regularized: omalopoihm noc, kanonikopoihm noc. regularized inversion: omalopoihm nh antistrof regularly: kanonik , omal reject: aporr ptw. rejection: ap rriyh. rejection region: qwr o . . perioq ap rriyhc. relation: sq sh. antisymmetric relation: antisummetrik sq sh. auxiliary relation: bohjhtik sq sh. binary relation: dimel c duadik sq sh. circular relation: kuklik sq sh. constitutive relation: katastatik sq sh, ulik sq sh. converse relation: ant strofh sq sh. equality relation: sq sh is thtac. equivalence relation: sq sh isodunam ac. intransitive relation: mh metabatik sq sh. inverse relation: ant strofh sq sh. monadic relation: monomel c monadia a sq sh, kathg rhma miac j shc (sun. unary relation kai one-place predicate). projective relation: probolik sq sh. recurrence relation: anadromik sq sh. re exive relation: anaklastik autopaj c sq sh. symmetric relation: summetrik sq sh. ternary relation: trimel c triadik sq sh. transition relation: sq sh met bashc. transitive relation: metabatik sq sh. unary relation: monomel c monadia a sq sh, kathg rhma miac j shc (sun. monadic relation kai one-place predicate). relational: sqesiak relational algebra: c. sqesiak lgebra. relationship: sq sh. linear relationship: grammik sq sh. non-linear relationship: mh grammik sq relative: sqetik sh. c, suggen c. relative acceleration: sqetik epit qunsh. relative change: sqetik metabol . relative e ciency: sqetik apotelesmatik thta apodotik thta. 284 relative error: sqetik sf lma. relative frequency: sqetik suqn thta. relative frequency distribution: katanom sqetik c suqn relative maximum: sqetik m gisto. relative minimum: sqetik el qisto. relative prime numbers: pr toi metax touc arijmo . relative stability: sqetik eust jeia. relative topology: sqetik topolog a. relative velocity: sqetik taq thta. relatively: sqetik . relatively prime: sqetik relativistic: sqetikistik pr toi (arijmo ). c. relativistic mechanics: sqetikistik relativity: sqetik thta. special relativity: eidik relaxation: qal thtac. mhqanik . sqetik thta. rwsh. m jodoc qal rwshc. relaxation method: reliable: axi pistoc. reliability: axiopist a. reliability level: ep pedo axiopist ac. remainder: up loipo. remainder theorem: je rhma tou upolo pou. Chinese remainder theorem: je rhma upolo pou tou Kin zou (logik ). remeshing: anakataskeu pl gmatoc, anaplegm twsh. removable: apale yimoc, diorj simoc, afairet c. remov...
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