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Unformatted text preview: Sun. rigid-body motion. solid-body rotation: peristrof stereo s matoc, mh elastik peristrof , kampth peristrof . Sun. rigid-body rotation. solid-body translation: metafor par llhlh metat pish stereo s matoc, mh elastik metafor , kampth metafor . Sun. rigid-body translation. Bolzano, (-) Bolzano-Weierstrass theorem: je Bonnet, (-) rhma twn Bolzano-Weierstrass. Bonnet's mean value theorem: je rhma m shc tim Boole, G. (1815-1864), bl. epishc Boolean. Boole's inequality: anis thta tou Boole. c tou Bonnet. Boolean: tou Boole. Boolean algebra: lgebra tou Boole. Boolean data: logik dedom na. Boolean polynomial: polu numo tou Boole. Boolean subalgebra: upo lgebra tou Boole. superatomic Boolean algebra: uperatomik lgebra tou Boole. bootstrap: . bootstrapping: . bootstrapping argument: . Borel, F.E. (1871-1956). Borel's covering theorem: je rhma k luyhc tou Borel. Borel's measurable function: metr simh sun rthsh tou Borel. Borel's set: s nolo tou Borel. bottom: b sh, pujm nac. suntaktik c analut c ap k tw proc ta p nw. bottom-up parser: bound: fr gma, p rac. bound vector: prosarmosm no di nusma. asymptotic bound: asumptwtik fr gma. computable error bound: upolog simo fr gma sf lmatoc. error bound: fr gma sf lmatoc. essential bound: ousi dec fr gma. essential lower bound: ousi dec k tw fr gma. essential upper bound: ousi dec nw fr gma. greatest lower bound: m gisto k tw fr gma in mum. lower bound: k tw fr gma k tw p rac. least upper bound: el qisto nw fr gma supremum. sharp bound: ox fr gma. sharp error bound: ox fr gma sf lmatoc. tight bound: sten fr gma. 33 upper bound: boundary: s nw fr gma nw p rac. noro, rio, sunoriak c, oriak c. boundary condition: sunoriak sunj kh. boundary element: sunoriak stoiqe o. boundary element method (BEM): m jodoc sunoriak n stoiqe wn. boundary integral: sunoriak olokl rwma. boundary integral method (BIM): m jodoc sunoriako oloklhr matoc. boundary layer: oriak str ma. boundary method: sunoriak m jodoc. boundary point: sunoriak shme o. boundary value: sunoriak tim . boundary value problem: pr blhma sunoriak n tim n. absorbing boundary: aporrofhtik s noro. class boundaries: ria kl sewc. dual reciprocity boundary elements: sunoriak stoiqe a du k c antistrof c. essential boundary condition: ousiastik sunoriak sunj kh (sunj kh Dirichlet). free boundary: ele jero s noro. free boundary problem: pr blhma me ele jero s noro. initial boundary value problem: pr blhma arqik n sunoriak n tim n. Lipschitz boundary: s noro Lipschitz. mixed boundary condition: mikt sunoriak sunj kh. moving boundary: kino meno s noro. moving boundary problem: pr blhma kinoum nou sun rou. natural boundary: fusik s noro. natural boundary condition: fusik sunoriak sunj kh (sunj kh Neumann). singular boundary value problem: idi zon pr blhma sunoriak n tim n. bounded: fragm noc. bounded above: nw fragm noc. bounded below: k tw fragm noc. bounded convergence theorem: je rhma fragm nhc s gklishc. bounded function: fragm nh sun rthsh. bounded operator: fragm noc telest c. bounded product: fragm no gin me...
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