Rthsh el gqou belhnek c di sthma ktash pl toc katanom

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Unformatted text preview: opoi rectifying: anorj nwn, eujeiopoi n, apokajist n. rectifying plane: . eujeiopoi ep pedo. rectilinear: euj grammoc. rectilinear axis: euj grammoc xonac. rectilinear gure: euj grammo sq ma. rectilinear polygon: euj grammo pol gwno. recurrence: anadrom . recurrence formula: anadromik recurrence relation: anadromik recurring: anadromik c t poc. sq sh. c, epanalhptik c. epanalhptik suneq c kl sma. recurring continuous fraction: recursion: anadrom . recursion formula: anadromik c t poc. recursion theory: jewr a anadrom n, jewr a anadromik double recursion: dipl anadrom . multiple recursion: pollapl anadrom . primitive recursion: basik arq gonh anadrom . trans nite recursion: uperpeperasm nh anadrom . recursive: anadromik n sunart sewn. c. recursive formula: anadromik c t poc. recursive function: anadromik sun rthsh. recursive isomorphism: anadromik c isomorfism c. recursive predicate: anadromik kathg rhma. recursive set: anadromik s nolo. partial recursive functions: merik c anadromik c sunart seic. primitive recursive functions: basik c anadromik c sunart seic. primitive recursive sets: basik anadromik s nola. recursively: anadromik . recursively enumerable sets: anadromik recursively isomorphic sets: anadromik recursiveness: anadromik arijm sima s nola. is morfa s nola. thta. 280 recurvature: anakamp lwsh, anakampul redistribution: anakatanom . mesh redistribution: reduce: an tha. anakatanom pl gmatoc. gw, elatt nw, upobib zw. gw na pr blhma se llo. reduce a problem to another: an reduced: anhgm noc, elattwm noc, upobibasm noc. reduced column echelon form: anhgm nh klimakwt morf kat st lec. reduced echelon form: anhgm nh klimakwt morf . reduced echelon matrix: anhgm noc klimakwt c p nakac. reduced row echelon form: anhgm nh klimakwt morf kat gramm c. reducibility: anagwgim thta. reducible: anag gimoc. reducible transformation: anag gimoc metasqhmatism c. reduct: surr knwsh. reductio ad absurdum (lat.): m jodoc thc apagwg c se topo (proof by contradiction). reduction: anagwg , aplopo hsh, upopollaplasiasm c, me wsh. reduction formula: anagwgik c t poc. error reduction: me wsh sf lmatoc. Gauss-Jordan reduction: anagwg apaloif (elimination) Gauss-Jordan. symplectic reduction: sumplektik anagwg . reference: anafor . reference element: stoiqe o anafor c, basik pr tupo stoiqe o. reference level: ep pedo anafor c. reference point: shme o anafor c. frame of reference: s sthma anafor c. system of reference: s sthma anafor c. accelerated system of reference: epitaqun meno s sthma anafor c. re ne: exeugen zw, eklept nw, pukn nw (gia pl gmata). gma. re ned mesh: puknwm no pl re nement: exeugenism c, ekleptusm c, p knwsh (gia pl gmata). mesh re nement: p knwsh pl gmatoc. iterative mesh re nement: epanalhptik re ect: anakl . re ectance: anaklastik thta. re ecting: anaklastik c, anakl p knwsh pl gmatoc. n. re ecting boundary: anaklastik s noro. re ecting barrier: anaklastik fr gma. 281 re ection: an klash. re ection principle: arq thc anakl sewc. internal re ection: eswterik an...
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