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Unformatted text preview: braq tato di sthma empistos nhc. show: de qnw. shrink: sust llomai, surrikn nomai. shrinking: sustol , surr knwsh. SI system: s sthma SI. side: pleur , pl gioc. side of an angle: pleur gwn ac. side of a polygon: pleur polug nou. side edges: par pleurec akm c. side elevation: pl gia yh, pl gia tom . side faces: par pleurec drec. side lever: pleurik c moql c. side slip: pl gia ol sjhsh. adjacent side: proske menh pleur (gwn ac). left-hand side: arister m loc. opposite side (to an angle): ap nanti pleur (se gwn a trig opposite sides: ap nanti pleur c. right-hand side: dexi m loc. sidelong: lox c, lox sidereal: astrik c. nou). . sidereal clock: astrik rol i. sidereal day: astrik hmera. sidereal hour angle: astrik wria a gwn a. sidereal period: astrik per odoc. sidereal time: astrik c qr noc. sidereal year: astrik toc. siderostat: astrost thc. sideways: pl gia, lox . siding: parakampt rioc, deutere sousa gramm . sieve of Eratosthenes: k skino tou Eratosj nh. sigmoidal: sigmoeid c. sigmoidal transformation: sigmoeid sign: pr c metasqhmatism c. shmo, shme o, s mbolo, s ma. sign test function: elegqosun rthsh pros algebraic sign: algebrik pr shmo. mou, sun rthsh el gqou pros mou. 309 function sign: s mbolo sun rthshc. integral sign: s mbolo oloklhr matoc. minus sign: to plhn, s mbolo thc afa reshc. negation sign: s mbolo rnhshc. negative sign: arnhtik pr shmo. plus sign: to sun, s mbolo thc pr sjeshc. positive sign: jetik pr shmo. predicate sign: s mbolo kathgor matoc. radical sign: s mbolo riziko , s mbolo thc tetragwnik signal: s ma. signal processing: p c r zac ( ). epexergas a s matoc. signature: upograf , qnoc. signed: proshmasm noc, me pr shmo, upogegramm noc. signed numbers: proshmasm noi arijmo . signi cance: shmantik thta, spoudai thta. level of signi cance: ep pedo shmantik thtac. statistical signi cance: statistik shmantik thta. signi cant: shmantik c, axioshme wtoc, spouda oc. yhf a. yhf o. signi cant digits: shmantik signi cant gure: shmantik signless: mh proshmasm noc, qwr c pr similar: moioc. shmo. similar ellipses: moiec elle yeic. similar fractions: om numa kl smata. similar matrices: moioi p nakec. similar polygons: moia pol gwna. similar sets: moia s nola. similar solids: moia stere . similar surfaces: moiec epif neiec. similar terms: moioi roi. similar triangles: moia tr gwna. dynamically similar: dunamik moioi. geometrically similar: dunamik moioi. kinematically similar: kinhmatik moioi. orthogonally similar: orjog nia moioi. orthogonally similar matrices: orjog nia unitarily similar: orjomonadia a moioi. unitarily similar matrices: orjomonadia a similarity: omoi moioi p nakec (sun. congruent matrices). moioi p nakec (sun. congruent matrices). thta. similarity solution: l sh omoi thtac (sun. self-similar solution). similarity transformation: metasqhmatism c omoi thtac. dynamic similarity: dunamik omoi thta. geometric similarity: gewmetrik omoi thta. 310 kinematic similarity: kinhmatik omoi thta. orthogonal similarity: orjog nia omoi...
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