Solution surface epif neia l shc surface wave

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Unformatted text preview: probability table: p nakac mikt c pijan thtac. polytomic table: polutomik c p nakac. truth table: alhjop nakac, p nakac al jeiac, p nakac tim tableau (pl. tableaux): p nakac. Young tableaux: p nakec Young. tabular: up morf p naka, plakoeid c. tabulation: kataskeu sqhmatism c p naka. tacpoint: diakekrim no shme o. tail: our , gr mmata (pleur nom smatoc). tail area (of a distribution): band tail: our tain ac. tame: exhmer perioq our c (katanom c). nw, exhm rwsh. exhmerwm nec lgebrec. tame algebras: 342 n al jeiac. tame measure: exhmerwm no m tro. tameness: to exhmerwm no. tameness of a measure: to exhmerwm no m tandem: trou. nac p sw ap ton llo. nac p sw ap ton llo. in tandem: tangency: epaf . point of tangency: shme o epaf c. tangent: efaptom nh (sthn trigwnometr a), efapt tangent bundle: efapt menh d smh. tangent law: n moc twn efaptom nwn. tangent plane: efapt meno ep pedo. tangent surface: efapt menh epif neia. tangent vector: efapt meno di nusma. internal tangent: eswterik efaptom nh. inverse tangent: t xo efaptom nhc. polar tangent: polik efaptom nh. tangential: efaptomenik menoc, efaptomenik c. c, kat thn efaptom nh. tangential acceleration: efaptomenik epit qunsh. tangential component: efaptomenik sunist sa. tangential curvature: efaptomenik kampul thta, gewdaisiak tanh: uperbolik kampul thta (geodesic efaptom nh. inverse tanh: t xo uperbolik c efaptom nhc. inverse tanh transformation: metasqhmatism tank: dexamen . tape: tain a (plhroforik c t xou uperbolik c efaptom nhc. ). input tape: tain a eis dou. two-dimensional tape: disdi stath tain a. two-way in nite tape: peirh tain a d o kateuj nsewn. Tarski, Alfred (1902- ) Tarski paradox: par doxo tou Tarski. Tardaglia, Niccolo (1499-1559 1500-1557) Tauber, Alfred (1886- ) Tauber theorem: je rhma tou Tauber. tautochrone: taut qronoc, is qronoc. tautochrone problem: taut tautological: tautologik qrono pr blhma. c. 343 curvature). tautology: tautolog a. tautology law: n moc tautolog ac. Taylor, Brook (1685-1731) Taylor development: an ptugma Taylor (sun. Taylor expansion). Taylor expansion: an ptugma Taylor (sun. Taylor development). Taylor form: morf Taylor. Taylor's formula: t poc tou Taylor. Taylor polynomial: polu numo Taylor. Taylor series: seir Taylor. Taylor's theorem: je rhma tou Taylor. Taylor's theorem of the mean: je rhma thc m shc tim c tou Taylor. universal Taylor series: seir c Taylor. technique: teqnik , m jodoc. integration technique: teqnik olokl rwshc. optimization technique: m jodoc beltistopo hshc. sampling technique: teqnik deigmatolhy ac. technological: teqnologik technology: teqnolog a. information technology: c. plhroforik teqnolog a. telegraph: thl grafoc. telegraph equation: ex swsh thl grafou. telephoto lens: thlefak c. telescope: thlesk pio. telescopic: thleskopik c. telescopic method: thleskopik m jodoc. telescopic series: thleskopik seir . telescoping: thlesk peush. temperature: jermokras a. absolute temperature: ap luth jermokras a. complex temperature: migadik jermokras a. Kelvin temper...
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