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Unformatted text preview: tautiz mena shme a. cokernel: sumpur nac. sumpur nac diafor n, sunexiswt c (coequalizer). di erence cokernel: collapse: katarr w, kat gravitational collapse: rreush. barutik kat rreush. collar: koll ro. collect: sull gw, sugkentr collection: sullog . nw. 48 collective: sullektik c, sullogik c. sullogik c suntetagm nec. collective coordinates: collimate: parallhl zw (optik ). collimated: par llhloc (optik ). collimated light: par llhlh d smh fwt c. collimation: eujugr mmish, parall lish. collinear: suneujeiak c, suggrammik c. collinear points: suneujeiak collinear vectors: sugrramik shme a. dian smata. collinearity: suneujeiak thta, suggramik collision: kro sh, s gkroush. thta. collision rule: kan nac kro shc. direct collision: kentrik kro sh. elastic collision: elastik kro sh. inelastic collision: plastik kro sh. oblique collision: pl gia kro sh. collocated: taxijethm noc, taxinomhm noc. collocated nite volume method: taxijethm nh m collocated grid: taxijethm no pl gma. collocation: taxijes a, taxin jodoc peperasm nwn gkwn el gqou. mhsh, s mptwsh. collocation method: m jodoc taxijes ac s mptwshc taxin mhshc. collocation points: shme a taxijes ac taxin mhshc. collocation polynomial: polu numo taxijes ac taxin mhshc, sumptwtik iterated collocation: epanalamban menh taxijes a taxin mhsh. point collocation: shmeiak taxijes a taxin mhsh. spectral collocation: fasmatik taxijes a taxin mhsh. subdomain collocation: taxijes a taxin mhsh upoqwr wn. cologarithm: sunlog color: qr ma. rijmoc. four-color theorem: je rhma tess rwn qrwm twn. colorable: qrwmat simoc. colorable graph: qrwmat simo gr fhma. coloration: qrwmatism c. coloring: qrwmatism c. column: st lh. column equivalent: sthlo sod namoc. column equivalent matrices: sthlo sod column exchange: enallag sthl n. namoi p nakec. 49 polu numo. column matrix: p nakac st lh, di nusma st lhc. column operation: pr xh metasqhmatism c sthl n. column space: (grammik c) q roc sthl n. elementary column operation: stoiqei dhc metasqhmatism c sthl reduced column echelon form: anhgm nh klimakwt morf kat st combination: sunduasm c. convex combination: kurt c sunduasm c. linear combination: grammik c sunduasm c. combinatorial: sunduastik c. combinatorics: sunduastik . combinatorial analysis: sunduastik an lush. combinatorial framework: sunduastik pla sio. combinatorial invariants: sunduastik c anallo wtec. combinatorial methods: sunduastik c m jodoi. combinatorial optimization: sunduastik beltistopo hsh. combinatorial topology: sunduastik topolog a. algebraic combinatorics: algebrik sunduastik . geometric combinatorics: gewmetrik sunduastik . combined: sunduasm noc. combustible: ka simo. combustion: ka sh. comet: kom thc. commensurable: s mmetroc. commensurable numbers: s mmetroi arijmo . comment: sq lio. commerce: emp rio. electronic commerce: hlektronik emp rio. commercial: emporik c. common: koin c, sun jhc. common denominator: koin c paronomast c. common factor: koin c par gontac. common divisor: koin c diair thc. greatest common divisor: m gistoc k...
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