Spherical cone sfairik c k noc truncated cone apokomm

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Unformatted text preview: wn. confocal: omo stioc, sunestiak c. confocal ellipses: omo stiec elle yeic. 57 confocal conics: conformal: s omo stiec kwnik c. mmorfoc. conformal group: s mmorfh om da. conformal mapping: s mmorfh apeik nish. conformal transformation: s mmorfoc metasqhmatism conformally: s mmorfa. conformally invariant: s conforming: summorfik c. mmorfa anallo wtoc. c. conforming nite elements: summorfik conforming grid: summorfik pl gma. peperasm na stoiqe a. confounded: s mmiktoc. confounding: s mmixh. double confounding: dipl s mmixh. partial confounding: merik s mmixh. congruence: omoi thta (orjomonadia a orjog nia gia p nakec), isotim a. c omoi thtac. congruence transformation: metasqhmatism congruency: omoi thta (orjomonadia a orjog nia gia p nakec), isotim a. congruent: moioc (orjomonadia a orjog nia gia p nakec), is timoc, soc. congruent integers: iso p loipoi ak raioi. congruent matrices: orjomonadia a ( orjog congruent polygons: sa pol gwna. nia) moioi p nakec. congruous: moioc, is timoc, soc (sun. tou congruent). congruity: omoi thta (orjomonadia a orjog nia gia p nakec), isotim a (sun. tou congruency). conic: kwnik c, kwnik . conic section: kwnik tom . concentric conics: om kentrec kwnik c. confocal conics: omo stiec kwnik c. nondegenerate conic: mh ekfulism nh kwnik conical: kwnik . c. conical coordinates: kwnik c suntetagm nec. conical pendulum: kwnik ekkrem c. conical projection: kwnik probol . conical surface: kwnik epif neia. conjecture: eikas a, pr Goldbach's conjecture: tash qwr c ap deixh. eikas a tou Goldbach. 58 conjunction: s ndesmoc, s ndesh, s zeuxh. shme o s zeuxhc (plhroforik ). conjunction sign: conjunctive: sundetik c, suzeuktik c. kanoniik morf . conjunctive normal form: suzeuktik conjugacy: suzug a. conjugacy class: kl sh suzug ac. conjugacy problem: pr blhma suzug ac. conjugate: suzug c, pa rnw ton suzug en c migadiko , br skw th suzug morf miac par stashc. conjugate coordinates: suzuge c suntetagm nec. conjugate direction: suzug c die junsh. conjugate functions: suzuge c sunart seic. conjugate lines: suzuge c gramm c. conjugate momentum: suzug c orm . conjugate points: suzug shme a. conjugate symmetric property: suzug c summetrik idi thta. conjugate transpose matrix: anastrofosuzug c p nakac, suzug complex conjugate: migadik c suzug c. canonically conjugate: kanonik c suzuge c. conjugated: sunezeugm noc. conjugation: e resh tou suzugo conjunction: s zeuxh. conjunctive: suzeuktik c. c, suzug a. conjunctive normal form: suzeuktik connected: sunektik c c an strofoc p nakac. kanonik morf . sunaf c, sunde menoc, sqetiz menoc. sunaf c qwr o. connected region: sunektik c sunaf c t poc, sunektik connected set: sunektik sunaf c s nolo. arcwise connected: kat t xo sunektik c. doubly connected: dipl sunektik c. multi-connected: pollapl sunektik c. multiply connected: pollapl sunektik c. simply connected: apl sunektik c. simply connected region: apl sunektik t poc. totally connected: olik c sunektik c. connectedness: sunektik thta sun feia. connection: 1. s ndesmoc sunoq (G...
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