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Stabilizing stajeropoihtik c 323 nwn stable eustaj c

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Unformatted text preview: stochastic sequence: stoqastik tuqa a akolouj a (random sequence). stochastic transitivity: stoqastik metabatik thta. stochastic variable: stoqastik tuqa a metablht (random variable). doubly stochastic matrix: dipl stoqastik c p nakac. stochastically: stoqastik . stochastically larger: stoqastik megal teroc. stochastically smaller: stoqastik mikr teroc. Stokes, (-). Stokes equation: ex swsh Stokes (diarmonik Stokes ow: ro Stokes. Stokes theorem: je rhma tou Stokes. ex swsh). Stokesian: tou Stokes. Stokesian uid: reust Stokes. Stokesian wave: k ma Stokes. stopping: termatism c, diakop . stopping rule: kan nac termatismo stopping time: qr noc termatismo storage: apoj keush. store: apojhke w, sto ba (plhroforik storing: apoj keush. straight: euj c, euj grammoc. diakop c. diakop c. ). straight angle: orj gwn a. straight line: euje a gramm . straight-edge: kan nac, q rakac. construction with straight-edge and compass: kataskeu straighten: eujugramm zw. strain: param rfwsh. Sun. param'orfwsh. me kan na kai diab th. strain elements: (peperasm na) stoiqe a param rfwshc. strain energy: en rgeia param rfwshc. rate of strain: rujm c param rfwshc. Sun. rate of deformation: 328 rate of strain tensor: strange: par tanust c rujm n param rfwshc. Sun. rate of deformation tensor. xenoc. par xenoc elkust c. strange attractor: strata: str mata, bl. stratum. q rthc strwm twn. strata chart: strategy: strathgik . desingularization strategy: strathgik apo diomorfopo hshc. strati cation: strwm twsh, strwmatopo hsh. strati ed: strwmatopoihm noc. strati ed sample: strwmatopoihm no de gma. strati ed ow: strwmatopoihm nh ro . stratify: strwmat zw, strwmatopoi stratum (pl. strata): str ma. stream: re ma, ro . stream function: ro k . reumatik sun rthsh. streamfunction: ro k reumatik sun streamline: ro k reumatik gramm . streamline nite elements: rthsh. ro k peperasm na stoiqe a. streamtube: ro k c reumatik c swl nac. strength: isq c, ntash, d namh, antoq . strength of materials: antoq twn ulik source strength: ntash phg c. strengthen: enisq w, isquropoi stress: t sh, sump esh. n. . stress concentration: sugk ntrwsh t stress tensor: tanust c t sewn. normal stress: k jeth t sh. shear stress: diatmhtik t sh. yield stress: t sh ro c diarro c. sewn. stretch: ekte nw, tent nw, efelk w, ktash. stretching: ktash, t ntwma, efelkusm c. strict: gn sioc, austhr c. strict inequality: gn strictly: gn sia anis thta. sia, austhr , apol twc. strictly convex: gn sia austhr kurt c. strictly decreasing function: gn sia austhr fj nousa sun rthsh. 329 strictly dominated: gn sia austhr kuriarqhm noc. strictly increasing function: gn sia austhr a xousa sun rthsh. strictly negative number: gn sia austhr arnhtik c arijm c. strictly positive number: gn sia austhr jetik c arijm c. string: qord , sumboloseir (plhroforik ). active string: energ sumboloseir . consistent strings: sumbat c sumboloseir c. elastic string: elastik qord . empty string: ken sumboloseir . pre x of a string: pr jema sumboloseir c. vibrating s...
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