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Unformatted text preview: rthsh. wave mechanics: kumatomhqanik . wave number: kumatarijm c. wave operator: kumatik c telest c. wave propagation: di dosh k matoc. acoustical wave: akoustik hqhtik k ma. carrier wave: f ron k ma. electromagnetic wave: hlektromagnhtik k ma. gravitational wave: barutik k ma. half recti ed sine wave function: hmianorjwm nh hmitonoeid helical wave: elikoeid c k ma. long waves: makr k mata. one-way wave: monokateujuntik k ma. permanent wave: m nimo k ma. plane wave: ep pedo k ma. progressive wave: diadid meno k ma. radio-frequency waves: radiok mata. refracted wave: diajl saw tooth wave function: prionoeid c kumatosun rthsh. shallow wave: rhq k ma. short waves: braq a k mata. sine wave function: hmitonoeid c kumatosun rthsh. solitary wave: mon rec k ma. sound wave: akoustik hqhtik k ma. spherical wave: sfairik k ma. spiral wave: speiroeid c k ma. square wave: tetragwnik k ma. square wave function: tetragwnik kumatosun rthsh. standing wave: st simo k ma. stationary wave: st simo k ma. Stokesian wave: k ma Stokes. surface wave: epifaneiak k ma. thermal wave: jermik k ma. 376 c kumatosun rthsh. meno k ma. transverse wave: egk rsio k ma. traveling wave: ode on k ma. triangular wave: trigwnik k ma. triangular wave function: trigwnik kumatosun rthsh. waveform: kumatomorf . wavefront: m twpo k matoc. waveguide: kumatodhg c. wavelength: m koc k matoc. wavelet: . wavy: kumatoeid c, kumat dhc. way: dr moc, tr poc. one-way: miac kate junshc, monokateujuntik c, mon dromoc. Bl. one-way. two-way: d o kateuj nsewn, amf dromoc. Bl. two-way. weak: asjen c, ad natoc. weak convergence: asjen c s gklish. weak coupling: asjen c s zeuxh. weak form: asjen c morf . weak law: asjen c n moc. weak law of large numbers: asjen c n moc twn meg lwn arijm n. weak match: asjen c sunarmog , asjen c ta riasma. weak precedence grammar: grammatik asjen n proteraiot twn. weak problem: asjen c pr blhma. weak solvability: asjen c epilusim thta. weak topology: asjen c topolog a. weak*: asjen c*. weak* convergence: asjen c* s gklish. weaken: exasjen zw. weakly: asjen c. weakly-compactly generated (wcg): asjen c-sumpag c parag menoc (gia s nola). weakly coupled problems: asjen c suzeugm na probl mata. weakly representable set: asjen c perigr yimo s nolo (sun. numerated set). web: ist c, pl gma. Weber, (-) Weber's function: sun rthsh tou Weber. wedge: sf na, sfhnoeid c, aiqm , to s mbolo ^. exwterik gin meno (exterior product) sfhnoeid c gin meno (ap to s mbolo Qrhsimopoie tai se exwterik c lgebrec (exterior algebras). wedge-shaped: sfhnoeid c, aiqmhr c. wedge-shaped domain: sfhnoeid c aiqmhr qwr o. wedge-shaped region: sfhnoeid c aiqmhr c t poc, sfhnoeid c aiqmhr qwr o. wedge product: 377 ^). wedge sum: sfhnoeid Weierstrass, c jroisma (Topol.). (-). Weierstrass M test: krit rio tou Weierstrass. Bolzano-Weierstrass theorem: je rhma twn Bolzano-Weierstrass. weighing: epib weight: b roc. runsh. weight function: sun rthsh b rouc. Gauss weights: suntelest c b rouc Gauss, b speci c weight: eidik b roc....
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