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Successor di doqoc ep menoc rthsh diadoq c successor

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Unformatted text preview: noc. 338 fesh (surjection)! Ep shc, bl. onto. sweep: 1. s rwsh. 2. sar nw. swell: diogk nomai, diast llomai. swelling: di gkwsh, diastol . swirl: str biloc, d nh, strobil zw, strobil zomai, peristr fw, peristr fomai. swirling: peristref menoc. swirling ow: peristrofik ro (sun. torsional ow). switch: 1. metagwg ac. 2. met gw. switching: 1. metagwg . 2. met gontac. syllogism: sullogism c. symbol: s mbolo. symbol processing: sumbolik epexergas a. symbol processor: sumbolik c epexergast c. inclusion symbols: s mbola egkleismo . Kronecker's symbol: s mbolo tou Kronecker. logical symbols: logik s mbola. permutation symbol: s mbolo met jeshc. symbolic: sumbolik c. symbolic approximation: sumbolik pros ggish. symbolic manipulation: sumbolik c qeirism c epexergas a. symbolic notation: sumbolik shmeiograf a. symmedian: summetrodi mesoc. symmetric(-al): summetrik c. symmetric group: summetrik om da. symmetric matrix: summetrik c p nakac. symmetric operator: summetrik c telest c. symmetric property: summetrik idi thta. symmetric relation: summetrik sq sh. symmetric tensor: summetrik c tanust c. symmetric transformation: summetrik c metasqhmatism c. conjugate symmetric property: suzug c summetrik idi thta. skew symmetric: antisummetrik c. symmetrical: summetrik c (bl. symmetric). symmetrical tensor: summetrik c tanust c. symmetrical theorem: summetrik je rhma (de terh taut thta tou symmetry: summetr a. symmetry analysis: an lush summetr ac. symmetry group: om da summetri n. axial symmetry: axonik summetr a, summetr a wc proc xona. axis of symmetry: xonac summetr ac. central symmetry: ketrik summetr a, summetr a wc proc k ntro. plane of symmetry: ep pedo summetr ac. screw symmetry: summetr a elik sewc, elikoeid c summetr a. 339 Green). skew symmetry: antisummetr a. symplectic: sumplektik c. symplectic discretization: sumplektik diakritopo hsh. symplectic geometry: sumplektik gewmetr a. symplectic integration: sumplektik olokl rwsh. symplectic integrator: sumplektik c oloklhrwt c. symplectic manifold: sumplektik pollapl thta. symplectic mapping: sumplektik apeik nish. symplectic reduction: sumplektik anagwg . synchronization: sugqronism synchronous: s gqronoc. synchrony: sugqronism c. synclastic: sugklastik c. synclastic surface: c. sugklastik epif neia. synergetic: sunerghtik c. synergy: sun rgeia. synodic: sunodik c. synonym: sun numo. syntactic: suntaktik c. syntactic interpretation: syntax: s suntaktik ermhne a. ntaxh. suntaktik l joc. syntax error: synthesis: s njesh. synthetic: sunjetik c. synthetic cut: sunjetik fantastik tom synthetic division: sunjetik dia resh. synthetic geometry: sunjetik gewmetr a. system: s (gia gkouc el gqou). sthma. system of reference: s sthma anafor c. systems theory: jewr a susthm twn. accelerated system of reference: epitaqun meno s sthma anafor c. a ne coordinate system: omoparallhlik s sthma suntetagm nwn. algebraic system: algebrik s sthma. autonomous system: aut nomo s sthma. binary system: duadik s sthma. Cartesian system: kartes...
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