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Unformatted text preview: ian s sthma. chaotic system: qaotik s sthma. complex number system: s sthma twn migadik n arijm n. control system: s sthma el gqou. conservative system: sunthrhtik s sthma. 340 consistent system: sumbibast s sthma. coordinate system: s sthma suntetagm nwn. correspondence system: s sthma antistoiq ac. curvilinear system: kampul grammo s sthma. database systems: sust mata b sewn dedom nwn. decimal system: dekadik s sthma. degenerate system: ekfulism no s sthma. dextral system (of coordinates): dexi strofo s sthma (suntetagm nwn), sun. right-handed system. discrete system: diakrit s sthma. dynamical system: dunamik s sthma. elliptic system: elleiptik s sthma. equivalent systems: isod nama sust mata. forced system: exanagkasm no s sthma. Hamiltonian system: qamiltonian s sthma. holonomic system: ol nomo s sthma. homogeneous system: omogen c s sthma. inconsistent system: asumb basto mh sumbibast ad nato s sthma. inertial system: adraneiak s sthma. information systems: plhroforik sust mata, sust mata plhrofori n. isolated system: apomonwm no s sthma. isometric system: isometrik s sthma. left-handed system: arister strofo s sthma. linear system (of equations): grammik s sthma (exis sewn). logarithmic system: logarijmik s sthma. mesoscopic system: mesoskopik s sthma. metric system: metrik s sthma. moving coordinate system: kino meno s sthma suntetagm nwn. neuronal system: neurwnik s sthma. non-autonomous system: mh aut nomo s sthma. nondegenerate system: mh ekfulism no s sthma. non-linear system: mh grammik s sthma. normal system: kanonik s sthma. number system: s sthma arijm n. octal number system: oktadik s sthma arijm n. overdetermined system: uperkajorism no s sthma. parabolic system: parabolik s sthma. real number system: s sthma twn pragmatik n arijm n. rectangular coordinate system: kartesian orjog nio s sthma suntetagm nwn (sun. Cartesian coordinate system). rheonomic system: re nomo s sthma. right-handed coordinate system: dexi strofo s sthma suntetagm nwn, sun. dextral coordinate system. rotating coordinate system: peristref meno s sthma suntetagm nwn. scleronomic system: sklhr nomo s sthma. singular system: idi zon mh omal an malo s sthma. solar system: hliak s sthma. stable system: eustaj c s sthma. Sturm-Liouville system: s sthma Sturm-Liouville. underdetermined system: upokajorism no s sthma. 341 unstable system: astaj c s sthma. systematic: susthmatik c. systematic design: susthmatik c sqediasm c. systematic error: susthmatik sf lma. systematic sample: susthmatik de gma. systematic square: susthmatik tetr gwno. systematic statistic: susthmatik statistik sun systematic variation: susthmatik metabol . systole: sustol . systolic: sustolik c. systolic accelerator: rthsh. sustolik c epitaqunt c. syzygy: suzug a. T t-distribution: t-katanom table: p nakac, trap zi. katanom Student (Student distribution). contingency tables: p nakec sun feiac. di erence table: p nakac diafor n. frequency table: p nakac suqn thtac. incomplete beta tables: atele c ellipe c b ta p nakec. joint...
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