Symplectic geometry sumplektik gewmetr a symplectic

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Unformatted text preview: ature: jermokras a Kelvin. temporal: qronik tend: te nw. c. tend to zero: te nw sto mhd n. tend to in nity: te nw sto peiro. tendency: t sh. central tendency: kentrik t sh. measure of central tendency: m tro kentrik c t sewc. 344 kajolik c tension: efelkusm c, t sh. m tro efelkusmo . modulus in tension: tensor: tanust c, tanustik c. tensor algebra: tanustik lgebra, lgebra tanust n. tensor analysis: tanustik an lush. tensor contraction: sustol tanust ( n). tensor eld: tanustik ped o. tensor notation: tanustik c sumbolism c. tensor product: tanustik gin meno. absolute tensor: ap lutoc tanust c. alternating tensor: enall sswn tanust c. antisymmetric tensor: antisummetrik c tanust c, sun. skew-symmetric tensor. associated tensor: prosetairistik c tanust c. Cartesian tensor: kartesian c tanust c. contravariant tensor: antallo wtoc tanust c. covariant tensor: sunallo wtoc tanust c. curvature tensor: tanust c kampul thtac. identity tensor: tautotik c monadia oc tanust c, tanust c antikat stashc (sun. unit substitution tensor). invariants of a tensor: anallo wtec tanust . isotropic tensor: is tropoc tanust c. iterated tensor product: pollapl tanustik gin meno. metric tensor: metrik c tanust c. rate of deformation tensor: tanust c rujm n param rfwshc. Sun. rate of strain tensor. rate of strain tensor: tanust c rujm n param rfwshc. Sun. rate of deformation tensor. reciprocal tensors: ant strofoi tanust c. Riemann curvature tensor: tanust c kampul thtac tou Riemann. skew-symmetric tensor: antisummetrik c tanust c, sun. antisymmetric tensor. substitution tensor: tautotik c monadia oc tanust c, tanust c antikat stashc (sun. identity unit tensor). symmetric tensor: summetrik c tanust c. stress tensor: tanust c t sewn. unit tensor: tautotik c monadia oc tanust c, tanust c antikat stashc (sun. identity substitution tensor). tensorial: tanustik c. tensorial variable: tanustik term: metablht . roc. term by term: ro proc ro. term by term integration: olokl rwsh ro proc dominating term: uperisq wn kur arqoc roc. general term: genik c roc. higher order terms: roi an terhc t xhc. inertial terms: adraneiako roi roi adr neiac. non-zero term: mh mhdenik c roc. positive term: jetik c roc. rearrangement of terms: anadi taxh rwn. ro. 345 similar terms: moioi roi. vanishing term: mhdeniz menoc terminal: telik roc. c, akra oc, termatik c, termatik (plhroforik ). smatoc). terminal point: telik shme o, p rac (dian terminal state: termatik kat stash. terminal velocity: termatik taq thta. terminating: perato menoc. terminating fraction: perato terminology: orolog a. terminological: orologik termwise: kat rouc. ternary: triadik c, trimel meno kl sma. c. c. Sun. triadic. ternary operation: trimel c pr xh. ternary relation: trimel c triadik sq sh. Cantor ternary set: triadik s nolo Cantor. Sun. triadic Cantor set. terrestrial: g inoc. tesselation: yhfidopo hsh. random tesselation: tuqa a yhfidopo hsh. test: dokim , krit rio, legqoc, ex tash, test, dokimas a. test function: elegqosun rthsh sun rthsh el gqou...
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