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Taxin mhsh upoqwr wn subexponential function

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Unformatted text preview: n: rigma, me st rigma, uposthrigm noc, sthrigm noc. sun rthsh me sumpag for a. supporting: f rwn, sthr zwn, uposthr zwn. supporting hyperplane: f ron uperep pedo. supra: uper nw, up r (pr jema). supraconvergence: an tath s gklish, upers gklish. supremum: supremum, el qisto nw fr gma p rac (least upper bound). essential supremum: ousi dec supremum. sure: s gouroc, b baioc. sure event: b baio gegon c endeq almost sure: sqed n s gouroc. meno. surely: s goura. almost surely: surface: epif sqed n s goura. neia, epifaneiak c. surface element: stoiqei dhc epif neia. surface force: epifaneiak d namh d namh epaf c (contact force). surface integral: epifaneiak olokl rwma. surface of revolution: epif neia ek peristrof c. anallagmatic surface: anallagmatik epif neia. anticlastic surface: antiklastik epif neia. applicable surface: efarm simh epif neia. aspherical surface: asfairik epif neia. characteristic surface: qarakthristik epif neia. closed surface: kleist epif neia. compact surface: sumpag c epif neia. conical surface: kwnik epif neia. control surface: epif neia el gqou. developable surface: anaptukt epif neia. equipotential surface: isodunamik epif neia. at surface: ep pedh epif neia. fractal surface: klastik morfoklasmatik epif neia. free surface: ele jerh epif neia. geometric surface: gewmetrik epif neia. integral surface: oloklhrwtik epif neia. isometric surface: isometrik epif neia. lateral surface: pleurik epif neia. level surface: isostajmik epif neia. minimal surface: elaqistotik epif neia. one-sided surface: mon pleurh epif neia. orientable surface: prosanatol simh epif neia. oriented surface: prosanatolism nh epif neia. probability surface: epif neia pijan thtac. quadratic surface: deuterob jmia epif neia. 337 quadric surface: deuterob jmia epif neia. quintic surface: pemptob jmia epif neia. regression surface: epif neia palindrom sewc. response surface: epif neia ap krishc. ruled surface: eujeiogen c epif neia. similar surfaces: moiec epif neiec. smooth surface: le a epif neia. solution surface: epif neia l shc. surface wave: epifaneiak k ma. synclastic surface: sugklastik epif neia. tangent surface: efapt menh epif neia. two-sided surface: d pleurh epif neia. surfactant: epifaneiak energ c, tasienerg c. surjection: ep rriyh (bl. surjective kai onto). surjective: ep (onto), epirriptik . Se merik bibl a, surjectivity: erriptik thta. surmount: uperba nw. surprise: kplhxh, aifnidiasm c. surprise index: de kthc aifnidiasmo . surround: perib llw. surrounded (by): peribeblhm noc (ap ). surrounding: perib llwn. surroundings: to perib llon. survey: reuna (statistik ), dhmosk phsh. survey design: sqediasm c reunac. repeated survey: epanalamban menh reuna. survival: epib wsh. survival analysis: an lush epib wshc. survive: epiz , epibi nw. survivor: epibi nwn, epibi survivor function: sac. sun rthsh epib wshc. susceptibility: epidektik thta, dektik susceptible: epidektik c, dektik c. suspend: aiwr , anart , diak ptw. suspension: ai rhma, an rthsh. sustain: uposthr zw, upof rw. sustainable: anekt c. sustainable development: aeif sustained: thta. roc an ptuxh. mmonoc, sunthro menoc, paratetam...
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