Tensor eld tanustik ped o vector eld dianusmatik ped

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Unformatted text preview: wn stoiqe wn. niteness: to peperasm no. niteness theorem: je rhma tou peperasm nou. nitistic: peperasm noc. rst: pr toc, jemeli dhc. rst curvature: pr th kampul thta. 121 rst derivative: pr th par gwgoc. rst harmonic: pr th (jemeli dhc) armonik . rst invariant: pr th anallo wth. rst kind: pr to e doc. rst limit theorem: pr to oriak je rhma. rst order: pr th t xh. rst-order di erential equation: diaforik ex swsh pr rst-order language: prwtob jmia gl ssa. rst-order theory: prwtob jmia jewr a. rst principle: basik jemeli dhc arq . rst variation: pr th metabol . t: prosarm thc t xhc. zw. goodness of t: poi thta prosarmog c, prosarmostik thta, katallhl thta prosarmog c. 2 -test of goodness of t: 2 - legqoc poi thtac prosarmog c, 2 - legqoc kal c prosarmog tting: prosarmog . curve tting: prosarmog kamp lhc. data tting: prosarmog dedom nwn. xed: stajer c. xed axis: stajer c xonac. xed point: stajer shme o, ak nhth upodiastol . xed point theorem: je rhma stajero shme ou. xed-point variable: metablht ak nhthc upodiastol ag: shma a. ag variety: e doc at: ep pedoc, pollapl thta shma ac. sioc. ight: pt sh. oating: kinht c. c. at plate: ep pedh pl ka. at section: ep pedh tom . at surface: ep pedh epif neia. oating operation: pr xh kinht c upodiastol c. oating point: kinht upodiastol . oating point arithmetic: arijmhtik kinht c upodiastol oating-point variable: metablht kinht c upodiastol c. oppy: qalar oppy disk: ow: ro . c. malak c d skoc c. disk tta (upologist c). ow chart: logik di gramma, di ow curve: kamp lh ro c. ow pattern: morf ro c. gramma ro c, dom gramma. 122 c. ow rate: rujm c ro c. baroclinic ow: baroklinik ro . barotropic ow: barotropik ro . cash ow: qrhmatoro . compressible ow: sumpiest ro . creeping ow: rpousa ro . uid ow: ro reusto . fully developed ow: pl rwc aneptugm nh ro . heat ow: ro jerm thtac. incompressible ow: asump esth ro . inviscid ow: anix dhc mh ix dhc tribh ro . irrotational ow: astr bilh ro . laminar ow: strwt ro . mixing ow: ro m xhc an mixhc. multi-layer ow: polustrwmatik ro . Newtonian ow: neut neia ro . primary ow: prwte ousa ro . reactive ow: ro me (qhmik ) ant drash. radial ow: aktinik ro . rotational ow: strobil ro . secondary ow: deutere ousa ro . shear ow: ro di tmhshc. stagnation ow: ro anakop c. stationary ow: st simh ro . steady ow: m nimh ro . Stokes ow: ro Stokes. strati ed ow: strwmatopoihm nh ro . subsonic ow: upohqhtik ro . supersonic ow: uperhqhtik ro . swirling ow: peristrofik ro (sun. torsional ow). torsional ow: peristrofik ro (sun. swirling ow). time dependent ow: xronometaball menh ro . transient ow: metabatik ro . turbulent ow: turb dhc ro . two-phase ow: difasik ro . uniaxial ow: monaxonik ro . uniform ow: omoi morfh ro . unsteady ow: mh m nimh ro metabatik ro . viscoelastic ow: ixwdoelastik ro . viscometric ow: ixwdometrik ro . viscoplastic ow: ixwdoplastik ro . viscous ow: ix dhc ro . uctuate: auxomei nomai. uctuation: auxome wsh. uid: reust . uid dynamics: reustodunamik . uid ow: ro reusto . uid mechanics: reustomhqanik . 123 uid source: phg reusto ....
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