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Thin lm lept third tr toc j sh tou church sun rthsh

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Unformatted text preview: t strofoc metasqhmatism c. inverse sine transformation: metasqhmatism c t xou hmit nou. inverse tanh transformation: metasqhmatism c t xou uperbolik c efaptom nhc. inversion transformation: metasqhmatism c antistrof c. involutory transformation: eneliktik c metasqhmatism c. isogonal a ne transformation: isog nioc susqetism noc metasqhmatism c. isogonal transformation: isog nioc metasqhmatism c. isoparametric transformation: isoparametrik apeik nish. Laplace transformation: metasqhmatism c Laplace. linear transformation: grammik c metasqhmatism c. monotone transformation: mon tonoc metasqhmatism c. natural transformation: fusik apeik nish metasqhmatism c. non-singular transformation: mh idi zousa omal apeik nish. one-to-one transformation: na proc na amfimonos mantoc amfimon timoc metasqhmatism c. orthogonal transformation: orjog nioc metasqhmatism c. projective transformation: probolik c metasqhmatism c. random orthogonal transformation: tuqa oc orjog nioc metasqhmatism c. rational transformation: rht c metasqhmatism c. 354 reducible transformation: anag gimoc metasqhmatism c. sigmoidal transformation: sigmoeid c metasqhmatism c. similarity transformation: metasqhmatism c omoi thtac. similitude transformation: metasqhmatism c omoi thtac. singular transformation: idi zwn metasqhmatism c. symmetric transformation: summetrik c metasqhmatism c. topological transformation: topologik c metasqhmatism c. unitary transformation: orjomonadia a apeik nish. zero transformation: mhdenik c metasqhmatism c apeik nish (mapping). transformed: metasqhmatism noc. transformer: metasqhmatist c. transient: metabatik c. transient ow: metabatik ro . transient solution: metabatik l sh. transient state: metabatik kat stash. transit: di bash. transition: met bash, allag , met ptwsh (fusik ). transition function: sun rthsh met bashc. transition matrix: p nakac met bashc p nakac allag transition probability: pijan thta met bashc. transition relation: sq sh met bashc. beta transitions: metapt seic b ta (fusik ). compatible transitions: sumbat c metab seic. phase transition: met bash f shc. c b shc (change of basis matrix). transitional: metabatik c. transitive: metabatik c. transitive closure: metabatik kleist thta. transitive property: metabatik idi thta. transitive relation: metabatik sq sh. re exive transitive closure: anaklastik metabatik transitively: metabatik . transitivity: metabatik thta. stochastic transitivity: stoqastik kleist thta. metabatik thta. translate: 1. metaf rw (metatop zw par llhla). 2. metafr zw. translation: 1. metafor (par llhlh metat pish). 2. met frash. translation of axes: metafor ax nwn. translation parameter: par metroc metafor c. solid-body translation: metafor par llhlh metat kampth metafor . transmission: met dosh, di dosh, metafor transmittance: diaperat thta. . 355 pish stereo s matoc, mh elastik metafor , transparency: diaf neia. transparent: diafan c. transport: metafor , metaf rw. transport phenomena: fain mena metafor c. transport theorem: je rhma metafor c (tou Reynolds)....
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