Transient metabatik c transient ow metabatik ro

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Unformatted text preview: c. prolate trochoid: ep mhkec troqoeid trough: ko lwma, koil true: alhj c. c. da. true mean: alhj c m soc. true regression: alhj c palindr mhsh. vacuously true statement: pr tash alhj truth: al c me ken tr po, adi fora alhj c pr tash. jeia. truth table: alhjop nakac, p nakac al jeiac, p nakac tim n al jeiac. truth value: tim al jeiac, alh0otim . appropriate truth assignment: kat llhlh ap dosh tim n al jeiac. truncate: apok bw, kolob nw. truncated: k louroc, apokomm noc, kolob c. truncated cone: apokomm noc k louroc k noc. truncated cube: apokomm noc k louroc k boc. truncated cuboctahedron: apokomm no k louro kubookt edro. truncated dodecahedron: apokomm no k louro dwdek edro. truncated icosahedron: apokomm no k louro eikos edro. truncated icosidodecahedron: apokomm no k louro eikosidwdek truncated octahedron: apokomm no k louro okt edro. truncated polyhedron: apokomm no k louro pol edro. truncated pyramid: apokomm nh k lourh puram da. truncated series: apokomm nh seir , kolob seir . truncated tetrahedron: apokomm no k louro tetr edro. truncation: apokop , perikop . truncation error: sf lma apokop global truncation error: kajolik local truncation error: topik sf edro. c. sf lma apokop c. lma apokop c. Tschirnhausen, (1651-1708) tunnel: to nel, s ragga. air tunnel: aerodunamik s ragga. turbulence: t rbh. turbulent: turb dhc. turbulent ow: turb dhc ro . Turing, A.M. (1912-1954) Turing-computable function: Turing upolog simh sun rthsh. Turing-decidable language: apofas simh gl ssa kat Turing, Turing apofas simh gl 360 ssa. Turing machine: mhqan Turing. Turing machine with multiple heads: mhqan Turing me pollapl c kefal c. Turing-undecidable language: mh apofas simh gl ssa kat Turing, Turing mh apofas simh gl nondeterministic Turing machine: mh nteterministik mhqan Turing. universal Turing machine: pagk smia mhqan Turing. turning: . turning point: shme o kamp c. twice: d c, d o for c. twin: d dumoc. twin primes: d dumoi pr twinned: d dumoc. twinned distributions: toi (arijmo ). d dumec katanom c. twist: sustrof , sustr fw. twisted: sunestramm noc. two: d o. two-dimensional: didi statoc, disdi two-dimensional space: statoc. didi statoc q roc. two-dimensionality: to didi stato. two-norm: d o-n rma. two-parameter: diparametrik c, d o param trwn. two-parameter approximation: diparametrik two-phase: difasik c, d o f sewn. two-phase ow: difasik ro . two-phase sampling: deigmatolhy a d two-point: d pros ggish. o f sewn. o shme wn. two-point boundary value problem: pr blhma d o sunoriak two-point interpolation: parembol d o shme wn. two-sided: amf pleuroc d pleuroc. two-sided hypothesis: amf pleurh up jesh. two-sided ideal: amf pleuro d pleuro ide dec. two-sided surface: d pleurh epif neia. two-sided test: amf pleuroc legqoc. two-step: dibhmatik c. two-step method: dibhmatik m jodoc. two-tailed: d pleuroc. two-tailed test: d pleuroc legqoc. 361 n tim n. ssa. two-way: d o kateuj nsewn, amf dromoc. taxin mhsh kat d o par gontec. peirh tain a d o kateuj nsewn. two-way classi...
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