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Unformatted text preview: sima parag menoc. 303 . separate: diaqwr zw, qwr zw. separating: diaqwristik c, diaqwr zwn, diaqwr zontac. separating pair of substitutions: separation: qwrism diaqwristik ze goc antikatast sewn. c, diaqwrism c. separation constant: stajer qwrismo . separation of variables: qwrism c twn metablht n. separation of variables method: m jodoc qwrismo twn metablht phase separation: diaqwrism c f sewn. separative: diaqwristik c. septenary: eptadik c. sequence: akolouj a. Se merik n. bibl a plhroforik c metafr zetai c seir . basic sequence: basik akolouj a. bounded sequence: fragm nh akolouj a. convergent sequence: sugkl nousa akolouj a. converging sequence: sugkl nousa akolouj a. decreasing sequence: fj nousa akolouj a. divergent sequence: apokl nousa akolouj a. diverging sequence: apokl nousa akolouj a. exact sequence: t leia akolouj a. nite sequence: peperasm nh akolouj a. fundamental sequence: basik akolouj a. geometric sequence: gewmetrik akolouj a. increasing sequence: a xousa akolouj a. in nite sequence: peirh akolouj a. monotone sequence: mon tonh akolouj a. monotonic sequence: mon tonh akolouj a. non-decreasing sequence: mh fj nousa akolouj a. non-increasing sequence: mh a xousa akolouj a. ordered sequence: diatetagm nh akolouj a. ordered sequence: diatetagm nh akolouj a. pointwise convergent sequence: shmeiak c sugkl nousa akolouj a. probability sequence: akolouj a pijan thtac. random sequence: tuqa a akolouj a. stochastic sequence: stoqastik tuqa a akolouj a (random sequence). unconditional basic sequence: ad smeuth basik akolouj a. uniformly convergent sequence: omoi morfa sugkl nousa akolouj a. sequential: akoloujiak c. sequential analysis: akoloujiak an lush. sequential likelihood test: akoloujiak c legqoc pijanof neiac. sequential method: akoloujiak m jodoc. sequential occupancy distributions: katanom c akoloujiak c kat sequential process: akoloujiak diadikas a. sequential test: akoloujiak c legqoc. sequentially: akoloujiak . 304 lhyhc. sequentially compact: akoloujiak sumpag c. serendipity: bl. restricted nite element. serendipity ( nite) element: periorism no (peperasm no) stoiqe o. Qrhsimopoie tai ep shc o roc restricted ( nite) element. bicubic serendipity element: periorism no dikubik stoiqe o. Qrhsimopoie tai ep shc o roc restricted bicubic element. biquadratic serendipity element: periorism no ditetragwnik stoiqe o. Qrhsimopoie tai ep shc o roc restricted biquadratic element. serial: seiriak c, a xwn. serial correlation: seiriak susq serial number: a xwn arijm c. serially: seiriak series: seir . tish. , kat seir . series expansion: an ptugma se seir . series solution: l sh se morf seir c. absolutely convergent series: apol twc sugkl nousa seir . alternating series: enall ssousa seir . arithmetic series: arijmhtik seir . asymptotic series: asumptwtik seir . binomial series: diwnumik seir . biorthogonal series: diorjog nia seir . conditionally convergent series: sqetik c sugkl nousa seir convergent series: sugkl nousa seir . converging s...
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