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Unformatted text preview: metablht ria olokl rwshc. variable step size integration: olokl rwsh metablhto b matoc. variable step size method: m jodoc metablhto b matoc. action variables: metablht c dr shc. canonical variable: kanonik metablht . cause variable: aitiometablht . chance variable: tuqa a metablht . change of variable: allag metablht c. complex variable: migadik metablht . dependent variable: exarthm nh metablht . discrete variable: diakrit aparijmht metablht . dummy variable: boub metablht . xed-point variable: metablht ak nhthc upodiastol c. oating-point variable: metablht kinht c upodiastol c. free variable: ele jerh metablht . 370 mata. independent variable: anex rthth metablht . nodal variable: kombik metablht . normal random variable: kanonik tuqa a metablht . predetermined variable: prokajorism nh metablht . primitive variable: arqik arq gonh metablht . random variable: tuqa a metablht . real variable: pragmatik metablht . response variable: metablht ap krishc. scalar variable: bajmwt metablht . separation of variables: qwrism c twn metablht n. separation of variables method: m jodoc qwrismo twn metablht n. standardized random variable: tupik tupopoihm nh tuqa a metablht . stochastic variable: stoqastik tuqa a metablht (random variable). tensorial variable: tanustik metablht . vectorial variable: dianusmatik metablht . variance: diaspor diak mansh metablht thta. analysis of variance: an lush diaspor c. intraclass variance: endodiaspor . external variance: exwterik diaspor . minimum variance: el qisth diaspor . sample variance: deigmatik diaspor . variant: parallag . variate: metablht , tuqa a metablht . variation: metabol . Se bibl a statistik c, qrhsimopoie tai enallaktik o roc k mansh. bounded variation: fragm nh metabol . calculus of variations: logism c twn metabol n. explained variation: palindromik paragontik metabol . rst variation: pr th metabol . method of variation of parameters: m jodoc thc metabol c twn stajerw'n. quartile variation: tetarthmoriak metabol . superposed variation: upertejeim nh metabol . systematic variation: susthmatik metabol . total variation: olik k mansh (Stat.). total variation distance: ap stash olik c k manshc (Stat.). unexplained variation: up loiph metabol . variational: metabolik c. variational form: metabolik morf . variational principle: metabolik arq variety: 1. e doc . pollapl thta (Alg.). 2. poikil a. abelian variety: abelian e doc abelian pollapl thta. algebraic variety: algebrik e doc algebrik pollapl thta. ag variety: e doc pollapl thta shma ac. toric variety: torik e doc torik pollapl thta. 371 various: di foroc, poik loc. vary: poik lw, diaf rw, metab varying: metaball menoc. llomai, all ssw, kuma nomai. varying acceleration: metaball menh epit qunsh. slowly varying: brad wc metaball menoc. vector: di nusma, nusma. vector addition: pr sjesh dianusm twn. vector algebra: dianusmatik lgebra, lgebra dianusm twn. vector analysis: dianusmatik an lush. vector bundle: dianusmatik d smh, d smh dianusm twn. vector eld: dianusmatik pe...
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