Universal constant pagk smia stajer universal

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Unformatted text preview: d o. vector function: dianusmatik sun rthsh. vector interpretation: dianusmatik ermhne a. vector notation: dianusmatik c sumbolism c. vector product: dianusmatik exwterik gin meno (sun. cross outer product). vector potential: dianusmatik dunamik . vector (or linear) space: dianusmatik c ( grammik c ) q roc. vector representation: par stash me dian smata. vector triple product: disexwterik gin meno dianusmatik tripl gin meno. acceleration vector: di nusma (thc) epit qunshc. base vector: di nusma b shc. basis vector: di nsuma b shc. bound vector: prosarmosm no di nusma. characteristic vector: qarakthristik di nusma, idiodi nusma (eigenvector). collinear vectors: sugrramik dian smata. complete vector eld: pl rec dianusmatik ped o. coplanar vectors: sunep peda dian smata. components of a vector: sunist sec dian smatoc. curvature vector: di nusma kampul thtac. equal vectors: sa dian smata. free vector: ele jero di nusma. load vector: di nusma fort ou. magnitude of a vector: m tro m koc dian smatoc. normal vector: k jeto di nusma. normalized vector: kanonikopoihm no di nusma. null vector: mhdenik di nusma. opposite vectors: ant jeta dian smata. orthogonal vectors: orjog nia k jeta dian smata. orthonormal vectors: orjokanonik dian smata. parallel vectors: par llhla dian smata. perpendicular vectors: k jeta dian smata. polygon of vectors: pol gwno dianusm twn. position vector: di nusma j sewc epibatik akt na. resultant of vectors: sunistam nh dianusm twn. semicomplete vector eld: hmipl rec dianusmatik ped o. sliding vector: olisja non di nusma. solenoidal vector eld: swlhnoeid c dianusmatik ped o. tangent vector: efapt meno di nusma. 372 terminal point of a vector: p rac dian smatoc. unit vector: monadia o kanonik di nusma. zero vector: mhdenik di nusma. vectorial: dianusmatik c. vectorial variable: dianusmatik vector-valued: dianusmatik metablht . c. vector-valued function: dianusmatik velocity: taq sun rthsh. thta. velocity eld: ped o taq thtac. velocity potential: dunamik (thc) taq thtac. angular velocity: gwniak taq thta. apparent velocity: fain menh taq thta. approach velocity: taq thta pros ggishc. axial velocity: axonik taq thta. azimuthal velocity: gwniak taq thta. complex velocity: migadik taq thta. escape velocity: taq thta diafug c. instantaneous velocity: stigmia a taq thta. limiting velocity: oriak taq thta. phase velocity: taq thta f sewc. radial velocity: aktinik taq thta. relative velocity: sqetik taq thta. terminal velocity: termatik taq thta. veri cation: epibeba wsh, epal jeush. verify: epibebai nw, epalhje w. versatile: eu liktoc. versatility: euelix a. versiera: enallaktik noma thc m gissac tou Agnessi (bl. witch of Agnessi). version: ekdoq . electronic version: hlektronik ekdoq stronger version: isqur terh ekdoq . morf . versus: enant on, wc proc ( vs., lat.). vertex: koruf . vertex of a parabola: koruf parabol c. vertex of a polygon: koruf polug nou. vertex of a polyhedron: koruf polu drou. vertical: katak rufoc. vertical asymptote: k...
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