Upper convected derivative nw metafer menh par gwgoc

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Unformatted text preview: ik s gklish. bounded convergence theorem: je rhma fragm nhc s gklishc. circle of convergence: k kloc sugkl sewc. conditional convergence: sqetik s gklish, s gklish up sunj dominated convergence: kuriarqhm nh s gklish. exponential convergence: ekjetik s gklish. pointwise convergence: shmeiak s gklish. quadratic convergence: deuterob jmia s gklish. quartic convergence: tetartob jmia s gklish. radius of convergence: akt na sugkl sewc. rate of convergence: rujm c taq thta sugkl sewc. stochastic convergence: stoqastik s gklish. strong convergence: isqur s gklish. unconditional convergence: ad smeuth s gklish. uniform convergence: omoi morfh s gklish. weak convergence: asjen c s gklish. weak* convergence: asjen c* s gklish. gklishc. kh. convergent: sugkl nwn. convergent algorithm: sugkl nwn alg rijmoc. convergent sequence: sugkl nousa akolouj a. convergent series: sugkl nousa seir . absolutely convergent: apol twc sugkl nwn. absolutely convergent series: apol twc sugkl nousa seir . algebraically convergent: sugkl nwn algebrik . conditionally convergent series: sqetik c sugkl nousa seir , up sunj kh sugkl nousa seir exponentially convergent: sugkl nwn ekjetik . pointwise convergent sequence: shmeiak c sugkl nousa akolouj a. quadratically convergent algorithm: deuterob jmia sugkl nwn alg rijmoc. quartically convergent algorithm: tetartob jmia sugkl nwn alg rijmoc. uniformly convergent sequence: omoi morfa sugkl nousa akolouj a. converging: sugkl nwn. converging sequence: sugkl nousa akolouj a. converging series: sugkl nousa seir . converse: ant strofoc, ant jetoc. converse relation: ant strofh sq sh. converse statement: ant jeth pr tash. converse theorem: ant strofo je rhma. conversely: ant strofa. 65 . conversion: metatrop . conversion factor: suntelest c metatrop conversion rate: rujm c metatrop c. c. convert: metatr pw. converter: metatrop ac. convex: kurt c. convex combination: kurt c sunduasm c. convex functional: kurt sunarthsiak . convex hull: kurt per blhma. convex optimization: kurt beltistopo hsh. convex polygon: kurt pol gwno (bl. polygon). convex polyhedron: kurt pol edro. convex subset: kurt upos nolo. convex set: kurt s nolo. convex space: kurt c q roc. strictly convex: gn sia austhr kurt c. convexity: kurt thta. Liapunov convexity theorem: je rhma kurt thtac tou Liapunov. convolution: sun lixh, en lixh, d plwsh. convolution integral: suneliktik olokl rwma. cooling: y xh. coordinate: suntetagm nh. coordinate curve: suntetagm nh kamp lh. coordinate system: s sthma suntetagm nwn. a ne coordinate system: omoparallhlik s sthma suntetagm nwn. barycentric coordinates: barukentrik c suntetagm nec. canonical coordinates: kanonik c suntetagm nec. Cartesian coordinates: kartesian c suntetagm nec (sun. rectangular coordinates). collective coordinates: sullogik c suntetagm nec. conical coordinates: kwnik c suntetagm nec. conjugate coordinates: suzuge c suntetagm nec. curvilinear coordinates: kampul grammec suntetagm nec. cyclic coordinate: kuklik suntetag...
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